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ekbdvm 6d ago
My patients always look at me adoringly. 😂😂😂
ekbdvm 1w ago
Deny me a Cheez-It? No.

Y’all, she straight up bolted in and stole a Cheez-It from my bowl. Brat.
#igersraleigh #cats #catstagram #sockssaysno
ekbdvm 2w ago
Won’t share your ham sammich? NO!!! Attempted just catch a picture of her eyeing my sammich, but she moved in for the kill as I clicked. 😄 #igersraleigh #cats #catstagram #sockssaysno
ekbdvm 3w ago
Over the weekend I found a large mass in Hermione’s abdomen. I had hoped to have it evaluated this week, but today I came home to find her in rapid decline and suffering. She is the last of my vet school pets, and has been there through a lot. Heartbroken doesn’t begin to cover it. Sleep sweet, Hermione. ❤️
ekbdvm 4w ago
It's weird to stare at you from up here while you hang out on the couch? No.
It is weird, Socks.
#igersraleigh #cats #catstagram #sockssaysno
ekbdvm 5w ago
I forgot to post my rainbow picture from last evening. So here it is. 😊🌈 #igersraleigh #rainbow
ekbdvm 5w ago
Snagged extenders for the rain spouts to get the water farther from the foundation, especially with Irma rain on the way. As I walked around the house I almost walked right into this spider gathering her web. Almost. Walked. Right. Into. The. Spider. Big. BIG spider. 😱😱😱 #igersraleigh #hurricanprep #iknowtheyarevitalbuttheyneedtobevitalawayfrommyhouse
ekbdvm 6w ago
Irma is coming to the US, likely FL at the moment. Don't forget to include your pets in your plans!!!
#igersraleigh #dogs #dogstagram #hurricaneprep
ekbdvm 6w ago
Found this moth on my holly bush this evening. Anyone know what kind it is?
#igersraleigh #moth #entomology
ekbdvm 6w ago
Back away. Not even Labor Day yet. Still won't drink it after.
#igersraleigh #pumpkinspiceisgross
ekbdvm 7w ago
OMG- I just can't with Jack. He's so funny when he wants attention.