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I really love and appreciate this guy... @sethbmf What a gift.

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If you loved the @seuworship record we put out earlier this year, you're going to love the Spanish version of it!!
I love what has developed into @seuworshiphola. And we pray this will bless the Latin church and community!!
We dedicated our baby girl on Sunday.
Elle Jayne, before you were even a twinkle in our eyes, you were in the mind of God.
A gift as perfect as you could only come from someone as good as Him.
And so, we decided to give you back.
We promise to raise you in His house, in His presence and in His ways.
We're probably going to mess up a few times before we figure this whole parenting thing out because, we're not perfect...but He is.
So, when this crazy world tries to hurt you one day, may Jesus be the first place you know to run.
Because we don't know much, but He does.
And He thinks so much of you, baby girl. So so much.
And so do we.
She's Yours, Father.
Thank you for the blessing of being her earthly father.
Your daddy loves you, Elle Jayne Cook. Forever.
Corina Cook, you have my heart.
We've had the wildest 2 1/2 years.
Married. Living overseas. Relocating back to the states.
2 kids in under a year and a half.
We've learned A LOT. And we know that the learning will never stop.
Excited to step into a new season.
A season where the God dreams that are hidden in your heart will begin to take flight in your life.
And when they do, I will be the first one to lift them higher.
We're falling in love all over again.
And it's only just begun...
7lbs. 8oz. 20.5 inches
My beautiful Elle...God has been good, and you are the proof.
So thankful I'm yours, Corina.
Tomorrow morning we will welcome our baby girl into the world.
I am preparing to ugly cry my eyes out. Just like her mother, she's already captured my heart.
Say a prayer for this hero of a woman, the real MVP.
We cannot wait to see you, my little love!!!
HBD @kristen.wilkerson!!!!!!
I'm so proud of you!
This past year has been a big one.
You've become a mother to @norarenewilkerson, you've continued to establish @trinityharlem with @tdwilkerson and you've remained steadfast in your pursuit of Christ and placing His value on those around you.
But, I know that this is just the beginning for you. Believe in you so much.
I hope you are celebrated well today!
Love you, sis.
This picture sums it up perfectly.
There's nothing like the prayers of a mother. And yours have surely shaped me into the man I am today.
You are absolutely wonderful.
I love you, @tinarenecook!
Happy Mothers Day!!
Happy Mothers Day, @corinacook.
Jude and I adore you.
I'm so thankful that our children will know you as mom. They are so blessed.
You make motherhood look so dang good. Love you, baby.
Nothing more, nothing less. All I need. (You, too, baby girl to be)