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  Posted: Apr 22, 2012 10:19 PM FEED
1 X-Pro II
• Headhunting • Happy Earth Day ,on that paperchase #Xproll #face #papertree #faceit #paperchase #iphone3

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My favorite snack are gummy .
emoji style gummy ,what’s your favorite
🎥🔊😃👾 👧🏻👌🏽👨🏻‍🌾👈🏽🐻🐬🍕🏂🥇🚀⌚️💵🔑🎁☯️💯♏️🆓🔝🎶🎞🌮🍉🐯emoji ?
When you tex do you use more emoji than words .
That be Kool if there’s was an app to make emoji
Did your ever wanted to know the story behind my instagram default pic ,
looks like chiseled statue of elf head .
vacation during the mount of November ,
its my birthday month it lands on the 21 .
When camping
First night I arrived thunder storm rolls through crackling so loud it shakes the car with heavy rains . In the morning I wakeup to clear sky and marvelous view of the ocean & mountain land scape .
Went exploring along the coast were the moution meet the ocean ,
early in morning
were I read warning sign that seas big wave may carry you in to the ocean , enter at your own risk . We're the land meets the ocean .
it was an over whelming land scape of balancing rocks every were more than I could count .
I sat on top giant boulder that looked like statue of elfs head that had balancing rocs on top of it , (I told my self I'm balanced I'll sit on top)
in field of balancing rocks . I could feel the straight of the ocean 🌊 all around me with waves colliding ever were
Sitting on top statue that look like the head of ELF . My name in Spanish =roque =English =rocky=earth🌎key🔑 ,do I hold the keys to earth
all my friends call me roc .
('am I part keebler elf )
The day was like some thing out 🎬of 🎥move 🎞
When I was at the event it felt like the gravity disappeared while viewing the show . It really does look like that
when your that far out into space ,
viewing the show at griffith observatory Showed me what I've been seeing for the past few years .
Can you host more event at griffith observatory ,
when are you bringing back the laser light show
Found kite in the shape of dragon ,
🐉 though Ide have the wind 💨 pick up & start flying kit around . I've had ruff day just this alone has released the stress Ive been dealing with . Feels good to go out side and enjoy the weather 😃
Venice beach 🌊
Grubbing on these mine hamburgers slider , I've tryed many styles burgers the best are Kobe burgers 🍔, what kind of burger are your favorite
From the move IT , there's free haunted house 🏡 tore in Hollywood , had great time getting creepy 😂out 🤡 dam clowns .
💀Get your scare on 👻
Kool they got dia de los muertos energy drink 🍹so when your dead 💀 tired 😴 and you need pick me up .
When you gotta kick lose the rigamortis from being dead 💀 tired 😴
Some one loves 😍me .

Can you show your love with liking photo
That win my heart
Nectar from heaven ,mouth 👄 watering peaches 🍑
Picking up new skate deck ,
Wonder if you can put any kind of image on grip tape , this one looking fresh
wasn't my love enough for you 😍.
My heart beat can make the
ground move ,ever seen live that true
hardly ever try energy drinks , today I'm about get boost of NOS .
Every one says I'm full of enuff energy That don't need any more .
Vroom vroom beep beep ,
cruising to the gym
Posted: Aug 17, 2017 6:00 AM
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Seen dragon 🐉 in tree
Am I luck .
Green dragon Prominent in the springtime, green symbolizes hope in immortality,
of things beyond the cyclical seasons
In Japan, green is a symbol of life
The association with green with nature draws a symbolic link between a green dragon and the mother goddess, a symbol of life, death, and rebirth.
The Green Dragon of the East, one of the Animals of the Four Directions in China, symbolizes the East and the spring. His element is wood, and the Green Dragon brings regenerating rains. The Green Dragon embodied the active Yang principle, a positive force of weather.
Going with more colorful hat look ,bring out my charm
Enjoying the moments in life that remind me that I'm free from stress #stressfree
#the beatles