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Yes you are. I believe it.

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If you love me let me know.
Don't assume that it will show.
Through the seasons, high and low,
If you love me let me know.
Life is tricky don't forget,
Love is easy if it's said.
But don't assume that it will show,
If you love me let me know.
Do you ever zone out but you're aware you're zoning out but you're also too brain-dead to zone back in and you're actually ok with it..? #1amGram
Wonder Women. May we be them, may we know them, may we raise them. ⭐️ #Wonder ⭐️Woman# TEE# @houstongraeff
I had my life changed because of this house. I had my life changed IN this house. When I first walked in, I didn't know that would be the case.
My intention walking in wasn’t to commit my life to anything other than that which I had worked hard to accomplish. But, the way the story goes, is that I did walk in.
And I guess this is exactly why my heart is for inspiring people to walk their own journeys, despite where they find themselves.
My heart is for the broken hearted and the lost, the hopeless and the hurt, the famous and the faceless. For PEOPLE. My heart is for ALL who are looking for FAMILY, for ALL those who can't FIGHT their own fight. I stand with you.
I am a part of this house, and I am a PRODUCT of this house.
My heart is for this house because I found my heart in this house.
Me giving advice: “Did you try turning your relationship off and then back on again?” “Did you try putting your relationship in rice?”
Lol. 😉👉
Don't post at 2am, they say. You'll get no likes, they say. 💁🏼 #rebel ⭐️ @houstongraeff ⭐️
Haha nice try "unknown number", I barely get to the phone for people I know 💁🏼
Beirut Babes 🇱🇧🇱🇧! Tomorrow @houstongraeff is hosting a pop up in collaboration with one of our favorites local shop near you! Thursday from 11am to 6pm at @sarahsbag boutique in Ashrafieh tabaris 01575585
We cannot wait to see you for a fun and exclusive shopping experience with good music, drinks and special appearance by my sis and partner @marthagraeff ⭐️
xoxo 🥀 HG 🥀
You know... I am proud of us- if I may humbly say this. It's one thing to do what you love, but it's another thing to build what you love with the people you love. We started this for fun but now we're here. We started this a year and a half ago and now it feels like we've been doing it forever. Truth be told- I just love us. @houstongraeff
Went grocery shopping on an empty stomach and now I'm the proud owner of aisle 4.
Also- The pink disco jacket is VIBES @houstongraeff
With all that is happening around the world I almost feel silly and inconsiderate posting about fashion. I just want to speak up and say that my heart absolutely breaks for the victims and their families in the hateful Vegas massacre, those who are victims of hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, those who are victims of police violence in Spain, those who live with racism and terrorism. Those who are in pain, those who suffer unjustly.
I cannot begin to express my anger towards the hate out there that causes such unthinkable acts of violence. I cannot begin to express the pain I share with those suffering from natural disasters, poverty, discrimination, terrorism.
Nonetheless, this is my work and this is my platform. This is what gives me the resource to help those in need. This is what gives me the platform I have to speak up. Please know that my actual heart is with those suffering. And I intend to help those in need with the same resource this frugal industry has blessed me with.
Life goes on in this part of the world, but I am with you in this moment of suffering and need. Heart and soul. **Our NEW collection is out @houstongraeff - Check it out. We love you.**
Fearfully and wonderfully made.
💥.EIGHTIES. 💥@houstongraeff 💥 .jacket coming soon. 💥Earrings are a MUST and in stock. And no, I won't share my music. ;) 👊