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Why park in one space when you can take two! 🙄
California provides its own IG filter.
Sometimes I wish I could just 'stache @judyyh away.
I respect any wedding that has Brenda Dickson looming over the dance floor. #gaywedding #ryanryan #welcometomyhome
About to learn the hard way that @leeannelocken 's hands work QUITE WELL. #rhod
In other fashion selfie news, my Laura Dern t-shirt just arrived, and it's really providing me with profound levels of joy. #twinpeaks #diane #showtime
Our podcast sponsor @stitchfix sent me this outfit, and I legitimately feel super cool (until I notice the stack of boardgames in the corner).
Btw this isn't even a sponsored post, but if you do check them out you might as well use our promo link: #stitchfix
Now available for weddings and bar mitzvahs. 🙉