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After the show in Philly with @tyceofmprynt :) thanks to all who came to show me & @MPrynt LOVE ;?

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Happy Birthday to a real one @samthehypebeast I’m not gonna get all emotional on IG HOWEVER 😂 this pic says it all!!! ⭐️🐠 “ me Travis!!!” 😩😂😂😂 💕 ya!!!!
Tag somebody you know ONLY on social media LURKING 😂 Me, reading the comments... 😂 🍿 the last vid is my fave 😂😂😊
WHO GOT NEXT?! @misslatoyalee 💕⭐️ @willyouemerge SOMEBODY TAG SOMEBODY THEIR DREAMS
Energy... knew it then, know it now... I love you more... 💕Happy Birthday *I have a surprise for you 👀
Honored to be celebrating #NBMBAA17 with Ford this year!!! #MyFordFam #GoFurther 🙌🏽💕 *Sound Check with the band @its_treway @jbreezeworld @dezsofly
FEEL THE REAL - @musiqsoulchild ALBUM OUT NOW 🎶🙌🏽 The Title track written by and featuring Me!!! 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥 GET IT!!!!!!
#NationalBumpDay the last pic is my fave!!! 😂💕 I really had fun pregnant. Stayed busy... found out a week into a tour I was pregnant, stayed on tour & a musical up to the 8th month! The video clip is also something I miss! Just watching her grow and move and make my belly look like something from Alien 👽!!! Pregnancy was the most amazing thing EVER!!! 👶🏽 #NYLA *shout out to all the mothers and I can't tag you all plus I've been missing on y'all since I had her my bad 🙄😩😊😂 but you were all RIGHT, about EVERYTHING!!! 💕🤰🏽
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of the coolest, funniest *she don't mean to be funny when she is though 😂 smartest, kindest, thoroughest, onehunnidest people I know!!!! Aunty Angie!!! @angiewrites HAVE A BALL 💕💕💕🎂🎂🎂 lots of love, Marshie NyNy & Dez!!!! *I would post the infamous "7" flick but I was scrolling too long to find it *no pun 😂😂😂
90's LOVE 💕 🎶 @djaktive FEAT. & Written by 👑🇬🇧 Produced by @doxortho AVAILABLE NOW!!! "... real love... that paid all my bills love... that shoot to kill love..." 🏹💕
🇬🇧 BRIXTON TOPCATS - RIGHT NOW LISTEN @skysports Fit In 5 Podcast I will be joined by @luoldeng9 of the @lakers I was honoured to go to the @dengcamp and have a great chat with him about Love & Basketball, Fitness, lifestyle and nutrition. We both are products of the same organisation @brixtontopcats where both of our dreams and aspirations of making it to the @nba started. 'Drive the body' is what we both hear in our heads everyday to push us to the next level as said by our coach Jimmy Rogers.
SUBSCRIBE to the Fit In 5 podcast and listen to a real role model and a great man #fitin5 #podcast #lifestyleblogger #lalakers #lakersfan #brixton #brixtontopcats #fitness #nutrition #healthyfood #vegan #losangeles #london #itunes #sky #sudan #record #deng #luoldeng #africa #croydon #fitspo #fitstagram #fitspiration #basketball #baller #followthrough #drivethebody #hello
☝🏽 👑 I've done some amazing things... this pic... I was 23 years old at the time... summer 2000, John McClain heard the demo that would lead to not only my first record deal in the U.S but the chance to work with one of the undisputed GOATS! MICHAEL JACKSON! Butterflies! I FORCED @drebombay to stay in Studio B at A Touch of Jazz that night, listen to this four chord loop I have and build it out! We didn't have a bridge yet! We thought the hook was 🔥 but listening to it over and over and over triggering it via ASR we were over it! It wasn't till people heard it the next day that we rocked with it again! Any studio rat has had that feeling! Butterflies!!! I had that feeling! That feeling allowed me to tell MJ what to do and how to do it for two weeks straight March 2001!!! Sitting next to Bruce Swedien and @drebombay trying to compose myself!! MJ asking ME what was the next harmony, what inflection sounded more evoking! How can he sound like ME! WHAT?!?!?! Press play on Butterflies on the Invincible album and LISTEN to what we did!!! At 23 & 24! What @drebombay and I did!!! I worked with the GOAT! He was there 2 hrs before we arrived warming up and wouldn't leave till it was right!!! The KING 👑 🎂 🦋
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUZZO @j_crawf I remember sending you this song like it was yesterday!!!! You a grown man now!!!!!!! Such a long way from "...Mum, you wanna hear me loud voice?!?! LOOOOOOUUUUUUD!!!!" "... and she was a MOUSE! And somebody stood on her!!!" 😂😂😂 someone send me the video @makeup_by_natalie_rachelle @dianec53 💕🎂
GLOVES ARE OFF 🥊 FLOYD VS MCGREGOR 🥊 LISTEN HERE & FOLLOW @fitfreakstv with guest @johnnynelsonsky @skysports Fit In 5 Podcast show dropping us some knowledge & fitness tips. Great convo MMA Vs 🥊 Who is the more conditioned athlete? @floydmayweather @thenotoriousmma TUNE IN 17th August on ITunes, #SUBSCRIBE #fitin5 #marvlife #boxing #mayweather #mayweathermcgregor #podcast #fitness #fitspo #fitspiration #fitstagram #fatburn » #health #healthyfood #lifestyle #fitbitblaze @fitbituk_ireland #whowouldwinthisfight #gloves #glovesareoff #lifestyleblogger #lovelife #inspiration #boxing #mma #win #allidoiswin #meme #lasvegas
I think I did it! I think I made the sexiest song EVER! I've made some sexy songs but I'll compete with myself for this one! Soon... #ThotFlowers #NaughtyForty #SomeoneWillBePregnant