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Me, kiteboarding in El Gouna, Egypt.

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Last shot from Hong Kong! Next stop: Bali 🤓🇲🇨🌋
Long walk on HongKong island with some wonderful contrasting scenery 😊
Been Victoria Peak so many times over the last ~15yrs and I never get tired of this view 🤘🏼
Camera shopping 🤓 oh Hong Kong. This one traded in her X-Pro1 for an X-Pro2. God help me when Sony release the A7SIII.
Best part about being in Hong Kong is new lenses 🤓 just added a Voigtlander f0.95 to the family
This city always looks even better by night. Gotta love those neon vibes! 👨🏼‍🎤
Back in Hong Kong for a few days! Missed this madness 🇭🇰 but ooooh it’s warm. 74% humidity and 30C is very welcome after Vancouver
On top of the world! Playing with Kym’s f1.2 Fuji glass 😱 jaysus
Absolutely stunning weekend in Whistler 🇨🇦 2,800m up and taking in the views. This is what Saturdays were made for.
Reppin' that limited edition Ghost 1.0 merch 🤘🏼
Ok I lied, one last shot from Dubai (this one ended up being my fave of the trip). I'm in Vancouver now! 🇨🇦 So new shots coming soon. Here for a month and pretty excited about it 🤓
Last shot from the Dubai trip, it was an absolute whirlwind having the full @ghost team in one place and building things together. Back to the UK for a couple of weeks next, and then off to the Caribbean!
Takin' in the views at the top of the Burj Khalifa✌🏼
Arrived in Dubai so of course the first thing I went to see was the tallest building in the world 🇸🇩 It's so hot here omg. Forecasts say ~46C but most car thermometers reading 50. I'm dyin. Anyway, definitely going up this thing later this week.
Quick stopover in the UK at the moment, spotted this gorgeous old Continental in town! Flying to Dubai tomorrow evening ✌🏼✌🏼
Last day in Austria! Back in the UK now for a few days, next stop Dubai 🤓