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  • "[Cemetery founded in 1905... contains miners who died in coal mines... and young children who died of numerous epidemics.]"

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Got my Volk build from @meridian_defense. Built off our #MB47 receiver. Badass package!
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Is it Range Time yet!?! Wanna try this @elftactical trigger out on the @sharpsbros #jack9
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Jack9 pistols are now live on the site! Pick one up this weekend and get a free @holosunoptics 503C and mount. Link in bio. #thejack #jack9 #sharpsbros #angstadtarms #udp9 #glock #9mm
I’m overstocked on these shirts. Price marked down to $8.25 while supplies last.
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Mail call. Just got this gem of a #pic sent to me on vacation, from the guys @blackflagarmory Looks like we have some @sharpsbros #overthrow lowers to work on when we get back. 😍 #offthegridcerakote
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This #terminator @sharpsbros #jack is headed back out today after getting some @cerakote love! Hope @vapinjacques digs it!
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Short barrel Sunday....
@sgtozzy cerakote
@angstadtarms / @sharpsbros upper, lower, and barrel
@sb.tactical PDW brace
@elftactical trigger and safety
@slrrifleworks handrail
@holosunoptics optic
@fortismfg muzzle comp and charging handle
@tyrantcnc grip
Keep your eye on pro fighter @christophersanjoseofficial. Great skill, great guy. We’re backing his play.
That #Meanstreak receiver tho. Actually this particular receiver is pretty rare... we made ~150 of the Meanstreak receivers for @rangerproof with his logo on them. Pretty sure this is one of those. You know you are on IG too much when you start recognizing rifles people like @alex_zedra have been carrying for awhile.
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Anyways... RIP Hef. He was responsible for my first entrepreneurial experience
Nice little #Overthrow pistol build.
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Project “Overthrow” is ready for some color! @sharpsbros @rainierarms @maximdefense