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  Posted: Apr 22, 2012 4:45 AM FEED
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The wonder of of thought. Private, in public, obvious to anyone with conscience. Missed by the masses. Inward, ever deeper until no fear holds any mystery and nothing can hurt us anymore. #igerseastbay #instagramhub #blackandwhite #grayscale #bw #unitedbyedit @unitedbyedit #streetportrait #iphonestreetportrait #mobileart #streetphotography #iphonestreetphotography #statigram #wearejuxt #streetphoto_bw #collage #streetphotocollage

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Posted: Oct 5, 2017 4:01 AM
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Do you have the one where the?NO. I mean, she was gonna and then he?NO. But?NO. I guess there may be a downside to binge watching old Bogart movies but I can’t think of what it is right now. I could be “counting flowers on the wall, that don’t bother me at all, playin’ solitaire ‘till dawn with a deck of fifty-one” Statler Bothers earworm, Just a little gift from me to you. #stultiloquence #Perspicacious #disneyland (never),#poetry (not either)
I’m having a strange moment of déjà vu. Would you mind repeating that? I’m having a, wait, I see what you’re doing there. You see what? That thing with the repeat. What thing, with what repeat? Nope. I’m not going to do it. Do what? Doo wop? No, do what? You said that but I don’t know the tune. It’s not a tune. Doo wop? That’s more of a back up thing. A back up thing? You must be joking. I can’t see out of my rear view mirror. You back up thing and I’ll stay here and watch. Fine, you hum the beginning and I’ll take it from there. You better not. Why not? I was saving that for later. #stultiloquence #Perspicacious
Can I count on you? What do I look like, an abacus ? I’m not Dracula. I’m not Monte Cristo either, but a ham sandwich would be good about now. You look a little pale, maybe you’re Dracula. I don’t see any melted cheese so you’re not the other guy. Do you want to borrow some beads? You can string them up yourself and spend as much time as you like counting. I used to have an XL spreadsheet, but I forgot to clip my toenails and now it’s full of holes. Say, you look like you could use a donut. I’ve already got all the holes I need. Well, this has been fun, remind me to never answer the door if you show up again. Better yet, call me first so I can ignore that too. Toodle-Loo. #stultiloquence #Perspicacious
Little Red Riding Hood was discussing the cheese convention with Miss Muffet. It turns out they have whey more than they’d thought in common. Oh yes, that look of distain and pain says it all. I was going to talk about the bustier convention but got too excited to finish the sentence. I brought a tuffet to my doctor when he asked for a stool sample. He had to look it up too. While you’re looking up can you tell me if it’s nighttime? I get the two confused. I think they like it. Certainty ruins the surprise. Have I shown you my sun dial with the luminous numbers? #stultiloquence #Perspicacious
She was beautiful in her own way. She had that kind of a wet Mick Jagger look. No, not the way he looks today, that would be a tad cruel and I’m not like that. More like last Tuesday. I’m not sure what initially attracted me to her. It was probably nostalgia. I like living in the past. No one looks for you there. I tried briefly living in the future but kept hurting my neck looking over my shoulder. There’s no point in living in the present. You never get unwrapped no matter how long you wait. If you like wrinkled skin you could try living under water. (shout out to Mike Nelson fans). If you like Rumpelstiltskin, you may come up a tad short. I’m happy to give you something to help tie you over. I have an extra bungie I’m tired of jumping over. I could never figure out the attraction to doing that in first place. #stultiloquence #Perspicacious #disneyland (never),#poetry (not either)
I'll have the usual. Ok. Usual for what if you don't mind my asking. No, I don't mind. Well? Well what? Usual for what? Oh that. Right. So? So, I've changed my mind and want something different now. I'm going to have to charge you for the usual since I've already started it. Ok. Do you mind if I ask what it was? Since I've never seen you before it's interesting to see just what the usual might be. Oh, it's nothing? But you said you'd already started making it. I did. You did what? Nothing, but it took awhile so I have to charge you. That sounds fair. Is it cheaper than if you actually did make something? No. Why not. Because I was expressly not using expensive ingredients. Oh, well that clears it up. So what'll you have? Oh, the usual. Thank you. #stultiloquence #Perspicacious
Posted: Sep 14, 2017 12:03 AM
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I don't like honey. Why not? Why do you ask why not about not liking a kind of food? It's pointless. You could say you don't like donuts and I wouldn't all of a sudden become some weird surrogate donut advocate with a mission to convince you that you've made some kind of conscious misconclusion that donuts are a bad thing. I'd actually not give a flock, if you know what I mean. Ok. But why don't you like honey then? Oh, that's easy, it's because I have cats. Huh? I don't get it. Lots of people who have cats also like honey. That's because they've never watched one of those high resolution ultra close up slo-mo videos of a bee producing honey. It looks exactly like one of my cats producing a hair ball. The process is remarkably similar and I can even imagine the bee making that same sound. If they could scoot backwards, they'd probably do that too. You'd never catch me saying, hey, that's looks like it would be good in tea. #stultiloquence #Perspicacious
I had a stopover in Hannover with a hangover once. Not really. Do you ever change the words from Jammin to German when you listen to Bob Marley. I did. Now I can't change it back…"We're German and I hope you like Germans too…" No strings attached? Of course not. You're sure? Absolutely. Where are you going? To get a rivet gun. What? A rivet gun. I know what a rivet gun is, I was expressing alarm. You want to go on a lactating tangent? Sure, those are always fun, but I'm a bit worried about this rivet gun. Nothing to worry about, I'll use it when you are sleeping and you probably won't feel a thing. But I like feeling a thing. Not this thing. Why not? Rivets sting a bit. They make you want to grow a beard and drink flavored beer. Oh. Like those ding dongs with the limes? No, they're just clueless, this is something far more pretentious. Rivets do that? Then why are you planning to rivet me? Easy, to make anchor points for the strings I'm going to attach. Oh. Oh well. That's kind of disappointing. Can we just go on the lactating tangent instead? #stultiloquence #Perspicacious
Mr. Wolf: I'm feeling sheepish. Mrs. Wolf: Here we go. Mr. Wolf: What, can I not say anything? Mrs. Wolf: no, you can talk to me. Mr. Wolf : Right, like wolves can talk. Mrs. Wolf: You started it, now I feel like I can't say anything. Mr. Wolf : You're right, you're a wolf and you can't talk. Mrs. Wolf: You can talk to me. Mr. Wolf: It never feels ok though. Mrs. Wolf: Maybe that's because wolves can't talk.
the end
I saw a bunch of #HarryPotter books and assumed it was a series of instructional volumes. Sadly, after hours of skimming, my questions about glaze and kiln temperatures went unanswered. I shaved and sold my wheel. Not sure what to do with all this clay. I could change its' name and leave it in the alley. #stultiloquence #Perspicacious
You're offended? I'm offended by egg whites. There, I've said it. Not much to do now except wait. Wait for what? I dunno, something interesting? It's your call. Oh yeah? Who is it ? They didn't say. Did they ask for me? Yes, but not exactly. Meaning? Oh, now you're looking for meaning. Start off with something as flavorless as egg whites hinting at topical relevance and now you want meaning? Well, who's on the phone? Technically, anyone with a phone in their back pocket when they sit, so a lot of people. Wut? You said I had a call. But I didn't say phone call. You assumed that. It might have been a cat or duck call, they are hard to tell apart. Not for me. Then who is it for? Huh? The call? Oh, they hung up. But.... yeah some kind of family emergency. Probably a duck call then, cats are more independent. #stultiloquence #Perspicacious
Apparently, cliches need a good beating from time to time. I thought that was just a deceased equine deal. I like to hold them down and hit them with a nice wet double entendre. They hate that. More to the point. Wut? Is that a request? Sounds nautical. Except, I assume, that would be like "More to the bow." Seeing that tends to be the pointy bit. Ah. Back to seaman jokes. What took you so long? I was biting on a towel. Did it help? No. Who is More anyway? You mean what's More. Yes, that's it. That's what? Did you know that if you poured really good espresso over vanilla gelato you'd get affogato? I'll have to watch out for that. Is there a cure? Of course. More grappa. Oh, that's More.
I was imagining Morrissey Morris dancing on the sidewalk in the shadow of a Morris's something I do. #stultiloquence #Perspicacious #disneyland (never)
"I used to have one of those." Whenever someone posts a picture of their car or any other shallow picture of a possession, just add that to the comments. It's fun and pointless like their dumb picture. Where was I ? Oh, right over there next to the vending machine. I never buy anything from them, but that's only because they are out of Doritos. Looks and tastes like food, but it isn't. How do they do it? You don't want to know. Is it me? Why yes it is? I'll ask again anyway. But not now. It's good to give these things a rest. Not an arm rest. Unless it's asleep. Check your blood pressure, or better yet, get someone to do that for you. Remember those Maidenform ads? They work every time. What's that expression? Tah-tah for now? Sorry. Rudimentary humor. #stultiloquence #Perspicacious #disneyland (never)
Posted: Jun 18, 2017 10:51 PM
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A closer look. It's actually: "Where there is Will, there is a whey". In 1671, two miles from Leicester, a savvy northerner had brought his prized male goat to service a hopeful local cheesemaker who was seeking to increase production. At this point, fair warning, a shaggy dog plays central role in the story. Will had been quite a willing participant, a trait which had earned him his name on earlier "outings." I was going to say "innings" but that would confuse baseball fans and we don't want that. It would totally ruin their game. I still love yelling "slide" in my campiest voice though. Totally thrashes all that butch pretense. Speaking of pre tents, did you know that troglodytes invented football? Yes, both versions, including the one where world championships include other countries. Speaking of artisan locally produced goat cheese, what is that orange stuff they put on corn chips? Reminds me of a hair color. Just can't think where I might have seen that lately. #stultiloquence #Perspicacious
Posted: Jun 17, 2017 12:15 AM
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Just one more thing. Ok. Ok what? What other thing? Oh, just one more like the others. What? The others. Udders? No. Otters? Nope. Oughtas? Wut? You know, things you oughta do. Oh. Oh what? No. Ok, what others? What, like you thought you were alone? No. Then you know who the others are. No I don't. Weren't you paying attention? They are everywhere. Oh them. Yeah. They're responsible for all of this. Yeah. Kinduh sucks. Do they know? Mostly, nope. Huh. How is that possible? Easy, television. Oh and religion of course. Right. What about video games? Kinduh the same as the other two. What other two? The udders. Oh right. #stultiloquence #Perspicacious
Posted: Jun 16, 2017 5:15 AM
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I asked her if she would mind if I demonstrated the Doppler effect. She said, "yes, but only half of it." It was up to me to guess which half. It's better than being lead down the garden path, which was obviously my first choice. When I found clear air I sent a quick email to Al Gore to let him know all was not lost. It took an hour to find the right emoji. Unfortunately it was a tattoo on a less than enthusiastic passer by. Fast forward to the present and you'll see what I mean. I stopped so suddenly that I hit the wall I was running into. That's really hard to do backwards. There are a lot of things like that. Most are dangerous and result in bad YouTube videos about natural selection. #stultiloquence #Perspicacious
Posted: Jun 15, 2017 5:20 AM
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I'd started to write my memoir: "Practicing Mime for Polecats". It summed up a fairly disjointed series of actions largely ignored by a particularly disinterested group of slightly less than desirable observers. It's comforting to be invisible while pouring ones heart and soul into a life of no importance or relevance. It's makes perspective easy to maintain and avoids the daily disappointment of human interaction. It's not a long book. I thought of adding some illustrations, all unabashedly plagiarized from Roger Price's "In One Head and Out the Other" but was sure I'd look even worse in a poorly fitting tweed three piece law suit. #stultiloquence #Perspicacious