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coney today. @dulldiamond same fabric?

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🍇🍇grape picking time again in our yard 🍇🍇such a tradition for us three now, jig counts down for months 💓#aceandjig
we made our own🌈🌈live now at / at stockists now 💘 #wovenwithlove #aceandjig
how we are making it thru this yr. ✌️@oregonfoodbank thank you: today we joined 97 other volunteers in processing 21,247 lbs of carrots 'n radishes, the equivalent of 17,856 meals. NO to budget cuts to SNAP! 1 in 6 Americans faces hunger + 1 in 5 families w children.
we served & enjoyed a sit down meal with the residents of the goose hollow family shelter on Saturday. @pdx_hfs is an incredible org helping families who are experiencing homelessness. This city has seen a change in the makeup of who is unsheltered: more women, more families with children, more women & men of color, more persons with disabilities, and many more elderly. We will be back. ✌️
FACTS 👆#guncontrolnow #massmurderisnotupfordebate 🚫🚫 I grew up in canada... there is another way to live, without copious guns, and it's still filled with rights and privileges ✌️ 300 million guns doesn't make us stronger or smarter or safer, it makes us & our children more likely to get killed. #guncontrol #now #callyourrepresentatives #callyoursenators #makechangehappen #nomoremassshootings
last nts dance party started w lilsis marrying her bff in my old baptism dress & ended in slime cupcake baking in rainbow bodysuits 👯🤸‍♀️🌈✨here she is posing for her bride photo 💅👩‍🎤
🎉🎉v exciting duster launch tomorrow @ 9am pst at 💌🥂🌻✌️ #aceandjig #wovenwithlove
SHEROES by jig // who is v pleased these are in print in the latest kids issue of the Secret Catalog 💘 !! (Which is live by the way! Hop over to @secretcatalog for more info- our #aceandjig x @statethelabel kid dresses are sold out but👌👌stuff still avail!) Sheroes in order: Sojourner Truth, Malala Yousafzai @malalafund , Sacagawea, Ada Lovelace. ps: lilsis would like to point out that she helped in the making #rosycheeksbylilsis 😜#jigandsis 💓💓💓💓
👋👋been a pinball the last 2wks: pdx-lax-pdx-jfk-sna-psp-pdx-jfk-pdx 😴 YEAH HOME! #hotelroomselfie #nyfw #backtoschool #summerofjenna #bringitonfall #aceandjighenna LIVING IN THIS HENNA PANTSUIT #aceandjig
this palette ✔️✔️✔️'s a lotta my boxes 😜💘😍 Parfait Henna Jolie out now + Halo coming soon #textilelove from our fall video by @carissajg live on #aceandjig
✨mega joy for this radiant gal & her sweet man as they got surprise hitched under the desert sky 💓🌅🌄✨🍉💘 still beaming bigtime & wont soon forget this very cool n unique n beautiful n soulful event 💓just like them #10thanniversarygonewild #aceandjig
home now. thinking of these magic islands & kind people as they recover from a serious earthquake today