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Great way to finish the week, or prepare for a debate tournament. It's okay, I have more beer. #xiamen
Representing @socceroos at the office and hoping #ausvsyr goes the right way, without telling the Syrian bloke sitting next to me
How to deal with working on a holiday - maybe not my greatest decision
Todd, get the message and find someone else! #feminism
This was found in a Chinese textbook
Waiting for the students to come for the double octo-finals #nhsdlc The topic is "the benefits of artificial intelligence outweigh the harms"
My early morning commute across #shenzhen starts this way, on a near empty subway car.
I found this on Twitter tonight, but seriously #Australia, make sure your enrolment details are up to date
About to judge my 100th debate, and I'm blessed with this view #NHSDLC #Beijing
On the train to #Beijing - about 10 hours to go, including stops, but it will be on time
This is how #Shenzhen feels in summer... thanks Neil!
Judge as much as you like, but a pedicure and a manicure for less than AU$40 is a good start to a weekend #chinalife #shenzhenlife
#Starbucks #NitroColdBrew is not a bad drop... but on the pricey side, even by Chinese standards