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..time is ticking..
..circling to every number.. return..
..and i'm still waiting..
..a simple closed shape.. equivalent distance..
..a center point..
..circles for cycles..
..not alone.. room for take a rest..
..bright me up..
..too tired..
..go straight..
..through strait..
. is beyond the logic..
..formula is about to gauge..
..all is about the choices.. versus machine..
. always a long journey.. uneasy way.. could be amazing.. could be challenging.. end up with a joyful..
. is not bean.. is fruit..
..why don't you dare to enjoy the grace of its freshness?..
humid is your life
rejuvenate is your cycle
don't be withered
survive to reborn
picking the sun
sailing the cloud
spread the breath
‎ثلاثة tsalaatsa
three umbrellas
three central buildings in the U-shape
where the three architectural styles belong to
(Javanese, Arabic, Greek)
三 sān
three roofs
three jewels | admirals
(Sānbǎo Dòng - 三保洞; Sam Poo Kong)
where the three religions belong to
(Islam, Buddhists, Taoists)
three domes
intersection of the three streets
heading to three hundred years
all one
too crowd without you here
too loud without you here
soberity has been abandoned
morning call
aim your direction
no return, no u-turn
only one way
finish your entire performance
freeze your time
perform your rhyme
collect your dime
motion a direction
could be less emotion
live is not rotating a close loop
attacking by black light
showering by particle wave
is it the only shield?
splitting your air flow
touching my wings glow
giving your lift unto my embrace