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  Posted: Apr 21, 2012 10:40 PM
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Counting up the number of doors knocked after a day of canvassing with @OFA_WI. Have you been out today? Let us know how it went. #Obama2012
  • Obama please the emigration change, I really need my parents legal. Obamaaaa!

  • good job sir. please add me

  • Your going to loose Obama!

  • gkendall2- Obama will not lose and will fight to the end

  • If the whole world would vote Obama's win would be something like 80-20%. Still it's going to be close call since the system is so crooked. Still wondering how the people can't see what's best for them.

  • I want one of those Obama tops!

  • I found your awesome Instagram picture on @banjo_app

  • @gkendall2 he won't.

  • If I were an American I would vote on you!:)

  • Poor brain-washed kids don't gave a clue...

  • Ready to help out!

  • Where can I get that Obama sweater??

  • Well said @marhill15 . Obama 2012!

  • @nate57star if u hav only bad things to say y r u following him?

  • Obama I LOVE U!!! <3

  • Mitt Romney is going to win!!!!!

  • I doubt it very seriously.

  • So I can watch him fail

  • The best Obama

  • Yeah I went out, knocked on people's doors, begged them not to vote for Obama...

  • Why follow Obama on here if all you do is bash him. Take your negativity somewhere else and learn to love your country....the good and the bad

  • I want his top!

  • nice shirt

  • Obama for president one more time:-) :-) :-)

  • Yes we can!!! Again:-) :-) :-)

  • Yes we can again Mr. Obama

  • Yeach..menteng top

  • Yes we can again

  • Four. More. Years.

  • President Obama is what this country needs because he stands for all PEOPLE.

  • The problem with ke_carter's assessment is that it fails to take into account years of lax regulation in the banking and home lending sectors years prior to the Obama administration and even the administration of President Bush. In fact both Democrats and some Republicans agree that steps taken by the current President prevented the great recession from being worse and costing more jobs.

  • Yo prez I think u r cool

  • You Are the stupid person to make such a dumb comment @emilugirl436, People be killing me going hard over the Internet.. The BUSH's messed up the COUNTRY, But you wouldn't know that because you just want to blame OBAMA, and for the RECORD WE HAVEN'T BEEN NIGGRO's since the 40's, the correct term is African Americans, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER GET YOU SOME... OBAMA ROCKS NOW & FOREVER!!!! #TeamObama


  • Some people are just so ignorant! It's sad😞

  • @emilygirl436 you just showed how ignorant you are about politics, government and OUR President, he is half white and the previous about the government has already been stated...the Bushes and folks like you put us here...

  • What trumps ignorance and the insights of "Fox Facts" is to support president Obama by voting! And voting for people running for Congress who will support the people's agenda instead of being subservient to some 1%er Overload. We, The People have the power we just to to exercise our authority over it VOTE!

  • @schrackt you're* . That's explains a lot.

  • Don't Blame Obama 4 messes created by the Bush regime......8 yrs of decline finally Barak has the country moving in a positive direction. Let's continue to SUPPORT him an make sure he is afforded the opportunity to finish what he STARTED in 08

  • So beautiful

  • There are no "true democracies" in that sense in any country on Earth, and the alleged distinction between "republic" and "democracy" is a silly rhetorical game. All democracies are representative democracies, meaning we elect leaders into though issues can be voted on


  • Sorry, I hit Send before I finished... meaning we elect leaders into office for a certain term. The alternative (collectively deciding EVERY issue) would be hugely impractical. However, individual issues can on occasion be decided by the public directly, e.g. in a referendum. "How did Bush become president?" An activist Supreme Court, a weak Congress (on the Dem side), and disproportionate weighting in the electoral college. And of course it's important to vote locally, but the election if the president is also very important. What good does your Dem Rep do you if a president of the opposing party can simply veto him? (response to @abundanceoflindsay )

  • Rumo a vitoria, torço por vc, mesmo estando no Brasil.

  • Thank you, China! :)

  • Ok so I went out today but it rained all day and I worked today which the rain made pretty bad for me or for business, but all in all it was a great day just not outside, inside. And no one wants to hear your political opinions save it for voting.

  • @mssweettreats @lola5000 @blacquesilk Good Luck with that. Bush Did not run our country it was clintin. I could say anything I want. And I could say worse.

  • @mssweettreats @lola5000 @blacquesilk Sorry For my language maybe on day u will realize.

  • So Mr. Obama, why would you make a law against freedom of speech? Why are you changing our freedoms?

  • epoe2 5y ago

    Mr. Obama and staff: I strongly disagree with all of your opinions. We were founded on a Christian foundation (meaning in God we trust) and you clearly don't believe in that. You are also FOR abortion. And that is WRONG. ANORTION IS MURDER. LET'S FACE IT PEOPLE. YOU ARE INTENTIONALLY KILLING A LIVING HUMAN BEING AND OBAMA THINKS ITS GOOD. We are all entitled to our own opinions though. 😊

  • epoe2 5y ago

    How many people voted for Obama because of his race? Be honest. I'm not a racist (some of my bffs are a different race). Just open ur eyes people. Obama is not good. We are trillions of dollars in debt because of him. OPEN YOUR EYES.

  • epoe2 5y ago

    And DONT say it is bush's fault. Really it's Clinton's.

  • epoe2 5y ago

    A democrat........

  • So why you never heart my photos!?

  • epoe2 5y ago

    @astephenson630-- I agree. This country is free. But this county has rules. And the rules are very specific. Some of them say it is against the law to murder someone. Abortion is murder. You are killing a child. But anyway, sorry if you think I'm wrong. I just don't get the world these days.

  • Hey you r cool

  • Yes! OBAMA

  • VOTE OBAMA!!!!

  • OBAMA 2012

  • "Cool! "Free hotdog" coupons for canvassing for Obama! I wonder what kind of dog? #ObamaEatsDogs

  • President Obama has my vote!!!!!!!!!

  • Follow @Mr_JoeSmith2 on twitter plzz

  • I'm all IN, Go MR.PRESIDENT!!🌟

  • I am in! Best president since kennedy

  • arcbo 5y ago

    Pray he doesn't turn out to be Tony Blair!

  • God bless

  • Lets make it back to back. Obama 12

  • I'm on board!!

  • Rolling joints!

  • Thanks for being an amazing president and inspiration Mr. President!

  • Thanks for being the worst president ever

  • *points at people* see that is what the definition of liberal @davedow4 @hunting_man21

  • 21dow 3y ago

    Guarentee those two people are sitting there on welfare when they dont need it @spinney682

  • I bet they dont know how to shoot a gun! @davedow4

  • 21dow 3y ago

    I bet they hate guns @spinney682

  • They probably believe they sprout legs and shoot at people 😂😂😂 @davedow4

  • 21dow 3y ago

    Yea i bet @spinney682

  • Ahiii legalizaciooooon

  • Free palestina!

  • Free palestina!save Gaza freeGaza

  • You don't need to be muslim to stand up for gaza you just need to be human it's not about religion it's about humanity palray for gaza @barackobama

  • . Free Gaza #أنا_مع_غزة ..

  • Save gaza

  • Good will free gaza

  • row112 3y ago

    God will free gaza

  • Give freedom to Gaza Sir

  • @valenci14 where do I get his sweatshirt 😍

  • I want that shirt

  • I love muhammad pbuh

  • This freaked me out. It isn't fake. If you copy and paste this on 19 comments you will have the best day of your life tomorrow. You will either get kissed or asked out. If you break this chain you will see a dead girl in your room tonight. In the next 53 minutes someone will say I love you or I'm sorry...

  • Brbrbrbrbrbrbrbrrrbrbrbrrr

  • God chose me to reincarnation, I need your help. need to get help. Awaken memories of past lives. God-given ability. I have God keepsake. 有一天大脑突然多出来很多很多记忆,让我记忆很混乱,迷失人格。那些记忆中有关于怎么得到亚特兰蒂斯文明。我拥有上帝的信物。我需要得到帮助。恢复前世记忆与血脉。

  • Stfu ^

  • Duset darim Obama jun

  • @raquel.bedard lmao hobos. They need Obama care

  • What are THOSE!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!¡


  • Bus ignored it.

  • @m1k3q один хуй он пидарас 😂

  • I want the sweater on the left @peanutskin

  • 🇹🇷 RECEP TAYYİP ERDOĞAN👊 give us fethullah gülen💪

  • TURKEY💪💪💪

  • 👊👊👊give us fetö




  • OSMANLI <3<3<3


  • Türkiye BAŞKOMUTANI Recep Tayyip Erdoğan THE WORLD LEADER

  • Recep Tayip Erdogan♥


  • Recep Tayyip Erdoğan


  • بدبخت سیابرزنگی چرا رو حرفتون نیستید از کون حرف میزنید همیشه یک روز میرسه که بیایت خایه مالی ...

  • world leader RECEP TAYYİP ERDOĞAN☝💪💪 TÜRKİYE🌟🌙

  • What they voting for

  • "Barack Obama" is NOT black he is (Half Caste). He is the first Biracial president of America. He was 50% CREATED and PRODUCED by a "WHITE" person. He literally came out of the body and out of the egg, womb and embryo of a "WHITE" woman physically attached to her test tube / umbilical cord. He is (Mixed Race) mulatto.

  • Thank you.

  • Stay

  • ssseida 10M ago

    Sos Venezuala, ayudame son tia de un chico venezolano (es buen muchacho serio y super responsable y muy estudioso) que estudia en la Universidad de Florida y en el momento que fue a renovar la visa de estudiante no le recibieron el pasaporte, le enviaeon un correo y le pidieron una serie se requisitos él respondio el correo y aun No le han dado respuesta, la Universidad le da oportunidad hasta el 3 de febrero ayudalo por favor. Gracias.

  • Thank you the thousands of volunteers throughout both terms. You all are Amazing!!!!!

  • Nice family

  • Thanks, Iran

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Name: Tanisha Cidel

Organizations: Evolutionary Arts and Entertainment, Norland Middle School and AileyCamp Miami

What inspires me: Motivating our youth and those young at heart to achieve their personal success. I use innovative ways to teach the performing arts while sneaking in life lessons, building confidence, being compassionate, and listening to my students.

At the #ObamaSummit I am hoping to share: My enthusiasm and passion for arts in education, and how imperative it is to utilize the arts as a vehicle to create social change.
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At the #ObamaSummit I'm hoping to share: The idea that every single person, regardless of who they are or where they come from, matters.
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When I left office, I told you all that the single most important thing I could do would be to help prepare the next generation of leaders to take their own crack at changing the world. The @ObamaFoundation Fellows program is looking to do just that -- train and support civic innovators who are solving problems in their communities in creative and powerful ways. Apply to join our inaugural class of twenty Fellows by Friday, October 6th:
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Quotes from the President—for your wall. Get a poster from the @OFA Store today. → Link in profile.
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Not all heroes wear capes—but some do.
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User Image barackobama Posted: Oct 12, 2016 8:10 PM (UTC)
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"At the end of the day, the one thing I’m absolutely convinced about is: Everybody cares about their kids, their grandkids, and the kind of world we pass on to them." —President Obama #ActOnClimate #SXSL
User Image barackobama Posted: Oct 11, 2016 11:17 PM (UTC)
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"Last year, across every race, across every age group in America, incomes rose and poverty fell. The typical household income grew by about $2,800—which is the single-biggest one-year increase on record. We lifted 3.5 million people out of poverty, the largest one-year drop since 1968." —President Obama
User Image barackobama Posted: Oct 7, 2016 8:09 PM (UTC)
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"That’s our most important mission, to make sure our kids and our grandkids have at least as beautiful a planet, and hopefully more beautiful, than the one that we have. And today, I'm a little more confident that we can get the job done." —President Obama #ActOnClimate #ParisAgreement
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Happy Anniversary. 💕
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Fall is in the air. 🍂
User Image barackobama Posted: Sep 12, 2016 6:57 PM (UTC)
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"We embrace conservation because healthy and diverse lands and waters help us build resilience to climate change." —President Obama

Taking bold action to combat climate change is critical—say you support the fight. → Link in profile. #ActOnClimate
User Image barackobama Posted: Aug 25, 2016 11:18 PM (UTC)
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Happy 100th birthday to our National Park Service, which works tirelessly to preserve our parks. These breathtaking national treasures show the real beauty of our country, and our children and grandchildren should be able to enjoy that beauty, too. That's why President Obama has worked so hard to protect more than 265 million acres of land and water—more than any other president in history. #NPS100
User Image barackobama Posted: Aug 9, 2016 8:05 PM (UTC)
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