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Literally anything can be #art. I love this old shooting target, once used by @joonasknuutinen's father. Let's just say he didn't quite understand me when I said I'd frame it and hang it on the wall!
Sunshine for the first time in weeks! The new window bay bench sofa (IKEA kitchen cabinet hack) is also coming along nicely. It's the little things in life...
This week everything has been covered in this beautiful fog.
The master bedroom in @k.laingdesign's home features one of the most stunning black and white murals that is well worth checking out in today's @designsponge home tour. Another personal favorite is this updated master bathroom - those two hexagonal @westelm mirrors on top of each other are just genius. Check out the link in my profile for the full tour!
@marina_dunbar_art's studio in an old school building is filled with light and some truly stunning works of art. Marina's style, inspired by nature and floral x-ray photography feels so fresh and unique. To learn more about Marina and her paintings, check out the full studio tour on @designsponge! Link in profile.
I love my desk but sometimes working in a cloud of pillows just feels sooooo much better!
Yay for today because the home of @atcharlotteshouse is on @designsponge! Charlotte and her family have turned their historic Connecticut house into a bright, charming and inspiring home with tons of clever DIY and an eye for amazing color and pattern combos. Follow the link in my profile to see the full tour!
So excited to have @annocollectionltd back! The color scheme is just delicious and the products are stronger than ever.
A gorgeous collection of gorgeous pieces at @asunlehti stall at @habitarefair
Just realized that our Nashville-New Orleans-Austin road trip was two years ago already. I still think about that trip all the time! Looked though all the pictures and found this pretty one from #nola 💙
Two out of four on the wall. On the left, my father looking up through a camera, on the right an old bullseye target heavily used by @joonasknuutinen's father. I really enjoy minimal spaces with everything hidden away but I love having one place with a little bit of EVERYTHING on display. Memories, family, art, good reads...this is it.
Things are looking bright and pretty after a dull and rainy weekend. Excited to get this week started!
The cuteness quota for this Sunday has been reached. Spencer for the win ✌🏻
Painted this tree stump glossy white and now I have a pretty side table!
Stump provided by @andreaswilkman 👌🏻
Today's home tour is a real architectural treat! @hunt.and.scavenge and her family have spent eight years renovating their rare 60s house (designed by Donald Scholz!#). Their home is full of art, dramatic contrast and stunning details. Follow the link in my profile for the full tour!
Some major color coordinating happening at home. Spencer is definitely my no 1 muse when it comes to color schemes ✌🏻
Rain, rain, rain. So sharing a snapshot from last Sunday at the beach. I can already feel fall in the air this week. Seasons changing always has a certain charm, but I'm also acutely aware of what comes after - months on end of darkness...I just can't...end-of-summer blues perhaps?
Packed my bags, got up at 5am, spent 15 min trying to convince @bitsofspencer to get up too. We're taking the last weekend trip of the summer - although I'm starting to question why we're spending 6h on a train to get up north where it's already freezing!