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Rocking the #brogues at #bar9 with @graeme70six

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#Leftovers #pizza. The last tortilla wrap for a base, an unused packet of bbq sauce from a joint of meat, some Chinese sausage I cut too much of, packed lunch ham and a babybel ha ha 😄👍 🍕
Hmmm... can’t decide which one of these #sheONE designed #DJKrush tees from @gammaproforma to wear first?!
Been really disappointed in Chinese restaurants and with takeaways recently, and have found it difficult to find decent old fashioned #Sweetandsourpork. So I made my own. Unfortunately I’ve made enough for about four people. Leftovers tomorrow...
When pre-work you, sets up a meal for post-work you. How do you thank yourself?
@binkerandmoses completely won me over and blew me away last night. Well done @jdharrop and the @gocivtheatre team for a great event. #Jazz
So I took the plunge and went to see #bladerunner2049 last night. What can I say that hasn’t already been said?

Beautifully immersive (especially in the 3D IMAX), I felt like a fly on a wall rather than watching a film. The story itself is a brilliant techno-noir detective story, I think it had more in common with #AngelHeart than anything else, but a brilliant companion to the original #BladeRunner with it’s questions of existentialism and the desire to live. There were flashes of the matrix and the question of freedom of choice (or lack of therein) also. Loved it as both a Blade Runner fan and more generally as a stand-alone film.
Didn’t have a chance to eat all day. So knocked this little treat up. Home cut #PorkChops with #spagetti and a #Butter and #Herb dressing.
Some bonny #flowers in #Newcastle yesterday, next to a certain popular football ground. As it’s almost #Autumn (or #Fall to my US friends) the petals and flowers themselves were dropping to the ground. Pretty but a bit sad... 🍁🍂
Did this little routine for my niece and nephew. They bought a Halloween skeleton that scratched this tune. So I badly flared for them.
Office outfit vibes today... digging the orange and grey.
Flipping heck, @dizzeerascal at the @o2academynewcastle was something else. Amazing graphics/lights and killer loud sound. Great show until the pop “hits” were rolled out. #dizzeerascal #newcastle
First try at a proper #curry #pork #katsu in ages. Came out alright I reckon. Cost to make, less than a quid. Served with #shichimitogarashi #rice #panko
When you love #udon #soba, #cheese and #miso all at the same time,
Just received these amazing #breakdancing #pins featuring characters from the @floorkidsuniverse video game. Thanks for the quick delivery @pintrill and @jonjonanimation!