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  Posted: Apr 21, 2012 12:01 PM
3 Lo-fi
Netflix marathon of all my favorites shows and movies.. With my favorite snacks and #1 BT. Hahaha, this is exactly what I needed tonight. #lowkey #stopbeingsad #beingawesome

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This is Leo! Leo enjoys napping, drooling over everything, and barking at his own reflection. Leo is a little guy that's curious about everything in the world. Leo is a very good boy. If interested, this funny little guy is available for adoption through @itsthepitsdogrescue! #fosteringsaveslives
User Image tutramhnguyen Posted: Oct 26, 2017 11:30 PM (UTC)
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If you were a flower, you'd be a damnnnndelion. 😏 Thanks for a year of dumb jokes, helping me with my growth, and making me eat more veggies. I appreciate you. 🙂 #ihateyouthemost
It's currently 101°F right now. In October. Halfway through fall. Can we tone it down a little and just chill San Diego? 🙃 #whatareseasons
It's been a quick minute since I've been in the mountains but I miss you @GlacierNPS. 😭 Take me back to Montana please. #tbt #sufferbetter
User Image tutramhnguyen Posted: Sep 27, 2017 11:53 PM (UTC)
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I've been lucky enough to foster this sweet handsome guy for the past 4 months and I'm happy to say (tbh crying inside too 😭) that Bear has finally found his forever home! It wasn't an easy goodbye but I'm happy we got to spend so much time together. I hope you're happy in your new home. You'll always be part of our home too, love you always buddy. ❤️ #adoptdontshop #fosteringsaveslives
Like do I even need to say anything else??? GNP WAS BEAUTIFUL AF. Couldn't imagine a better way to end our trip. Happy Friday y'all. 😊#choosemountains #loveisouttherecontest
Did a lot of hiking in GNP and I couldn't get over this view and how blue the water was as we were hiking up to Grinnell Glacier. Also special shout out to all the bighorn sheep we saw. Here's a picture of them and their furry butts. 🙂 #choosemountains
We had just spent 6-7 hours driving through the night from Yellowstone to Glacier. This was the view we started off with at sunrise. ☺️ #sufferbetter #choosemountains
Lost in the heat of it all; lost in the thrill of it all. *But actually we were lost after another hiker recommended we take a detour and check out the Swiftcurrent Pass.* 🤷🏻‍♀️ #sufferbetter #choosemountains PC: @vivwangg
Was fortunate enough to have had a chance to see Grinnell Glacier before it all melted away. I'm sorry for what global warming has done to you @GlacierNPS. 😔
Happy 101st birthday @NationalParkService! Thanks for all the unforgettable adventures. Can't wait to celebrate with you this week at Yellowstone and Glacier. ☺️ #sufferbetter
Wish I was sitting here again enjoying the view instead of stuck in traffic. 😪 #mondays #sufferbetter
Oh boy oh boy mom, can we go on another ride please? 😊This sweet ole Bear is still up for adoption! If anyone is interested, please DM me. 🐶 #AdoptMe #FosterDog #SubaruLove #SDHumaneSociety
Hi! My name is Bear but my foster mom likes to call me Barry. I'm just a big ole goober that likes to give lots of kisses. Don't be fooled by this photo, I actually have a dad bod. Love me please. ☺️ #sdhumanesociety #fosterdog
Hiking through a feet of snow and a storm of snow, hail, thunder & lightning was def. worth this view. Thanks @RockyNPS for almost killing me. ⛈ #sufferbetter #adjustyouraltitude
User Image tutramhnguyen Posted: May 24, 2017 3:39 PM (UTC)
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Good morning from Colorado. 👋🏼🗻 #adjustyouraltitude
Instant ramen and freeze dried pad thai never tasted any better until eaten under this bad ass that is all nature. ⛰ #sufferbetter #tbt
Friends: Tu, come to Coachella.
Me: No.
Friends: But friendship.
Me: Ok fine. 🤷🏻‍♀️