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shan808 286w ago

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Costco run with @alyssamcolr to get supplies for Houston. She's got a truck leaving to Texas tomorrow so we know our donations are going to the right place! If you'd like to donate, lmk - you can send me money and we can get the supplies for you! ❤️ #Houston #Harvey #LAtruck4Houston
shan808 18w ago
When your neighborhood is the cutest 😁
shan808 41w ago
Goodbye 2016! 👋🏼 <insert reflective quote here> #icant #happynewyear
shan808 42w ago
Winter Wonderlandin' it. 🌲 ☃️
shan808 46w ago
The first and only Michelin-starred ramen joint indeed has the most perfect ramen. 🙌🏼
shan808 46w ago
He just LOVES that he's 1/8 more Japanese than me and eagerly tells anyone who can understand him - which is no one. You can imagine my enthusiasm. 🙄 #sansei #yonsei 🇯🇵
shan808 46w ago
Thankful for the beauty in our world... and that it still exists. 🍃 #thanksgiving
shan808 47w ago
Try as we might, but we could not soak up enough of the delicious serenity this place gave us. ❤️ #1yearanniversary
shan808 62w ago
out of all the confetti I could've grabbed... ✨🔮 #adele #waitforit
shan808 63w ago
cherishing my memories of Maria and reminding myself to live more, laugh more, and love more. 💕🌴☀️🌺
shan808 63w ago
returning Maria home today 💕
shan808 64w ago
currently stuck here bc my dad can't get through any of the flooded roads - H1, Dillingham, & Nimitz all closed! 😩😩 extremely long taxi lines with very few taxis pulling through and no Uber. 😩😩 #darby #hitraffic
shan808 64w ago
this Santa Clarita fire is causing all sorts of wickedness 🌞 #redsun #sandfire
shan808 66w ago
mud bath & hot springs with @crasiancatlady today 🐱
shan808 69w ago
Happy Father's Day to all the amazing dads out there 💕