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  Posted: Apr 21, 2012 3:54 AM FEED
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They were settling in for an "official" portrait on the couch when I took this perfect in-between moment. #AmberMarlowWeddings
I got to see these two and their sweet boys last night when they came down from upstate to meet me in Central Park for a family mini session. Here they are on their wedding day, absolutely beaming, and they were equally all smiles yesterday, too.

Swipe to the next photo to see me with the whole gang, in a fun iPhone shot courtesy of Marley, who served as photo shoot assistant and “Instagram husband”. #AmberMarlowWeddings
When you're having an #IntimateWedding it's easy to incorporate gracious, thoughtful details, like these custom drink stirrers that the couple had made for every guest - including yours truly. I still have mine sitting on a bookshelf. My husband assisted me on this shoot and they made one for him, too. #AmberMarlowWeddings
For day two of their wedding ceremony, these two wore traditional silk and linen clothing, and Tania wore an impressive display of fresh flowers in her hair, courtesy of @rachelchofloral. #AmberMarlowWeddings
About last night:
1 Mel from @mixtapecoverband being beautifully illuminated.
2 Alison from @lifestylemavenevents crushing it on the dance floor with her wonderful husband.
3 Shaunae @shaunaeteske, who I met at Justin & Mary’s #WalkThroughAWedding back in 2015 - she has been doing amazing things since, and it was rad to see her again.
4 Me on the front steps, absolutely thrilled to be there. My gown is thrifted Ralph Lauren, and I love that I own the perfect thing to pop on to go to a Black tie event. One never knows, you know?
5 Fellow #NYCWeddingPhotographer @citylovephotog and I got to the gala early and snuck upstairs. The nicest security guard shooed us away, but we managed to capture this epic shot of her, champagne in hand, living her best life.
6 A selfie in the back of a cab between Sephora and SoHo House, where I went to change into my gown before heading to the gala. I had to wear my old sweatshirt to keep the pouring rain off of my DryBar blowout, so it was glam face and old sweatshirt - the ultimate high-low. Also, my brows are everything here, and I’m inspired to step up my brow game. Could it be said they are “on fleek”? I think yes.
7 Me and Laura Dee @arubalaura. Last month, I found her blog, and I *swear* less than 24 hours later she emailed me to invite me to speak at @inspirephotoretreats in March, like some sort of divine connection. I’m certain she is magic.
8 The girls room, with @dawnmauberret, where everyone knows the real party is.
9 Having a hair raising experience getting windswept in the incredible woodland photo booth, courtesy of @BangaStudios. Can I have a wind machine for all of my photos, please? I’m surrounded, left to right, by Alexis, Leah @colorpopevents, Jackie @sincerelyjackiepaper, and Kristen @kristen.poissant
10 “SHIMMY!”
For the ultimate in "no-fuss elopements", I have started offering a one-hour elopement package, and these two took me up on it. One hour, one location, basically a portrait session where you get married (and priced exactly like one, too.)

These photos are on the blog right now, if you'd like to see.

They got married in April, and referred my wedding photography to friends who got married this past weekend. It was so nice to see them again! Cassandra was absolutely radiant: they're having a baby soon.

Today was the fifth (!) annual Jay-Marlow apple picking venture. We went to this orchard on our fourth date back in 2013 and have been going every year since.

I’m pretty allergic to raw apples, but can have ONE bite without a reaction occasionally. I searched the entire orchard for the perfect mostly-red-with-a-little-green fruit, and this little Baldwin was the one. Baldwins are a firm, mildly sweet variety you don’t find too often.

It was perfect.

#MarlowTravelogue #iPhone8plusPortraitMode
My “semi-eloping” bride this morning had a tiny 🐝 ring, and gave her sister, friend, and officiant honeycomb rings to symbolise her own little “bey-hive”. She had one for me, too! I wore it mid-knuckle on my right hand all day, and I’m in love. Thank you, Rachel.❤️ #AmberMarlowWeddings
Turmeric and vermillion​; the groom's mother and sister walked around offering small smudges of it to all the ladies at the wedding. Turmeric for throats, vermillion for foreheads. #AmberMarlowWeddings
In 2010, I started a project where I wanted to photograph 1000 faces. I've hit it, probably, but totally lost track of the number ages ago - and it turned into a low-key "side hustle", which was unexpected, but I'm grateful.

They're not just any photos in a studio. They're editorial lifestyle portraits where you're rocking your best ALPHET, shooting on the streets you live on, or at home, showing off who you are, and capturing your personality. A lot of my headshot clients use them for social media and their small business. If you're a small business, a lot of your customers are there for YOU, and having a great portrait on your website and social is key.

I also get a ton of clients who need images for online dating, and I’m hoping one of them calls me a few years later looking for a wedding photographer.

This is @midgemadge, founder of @TueNight (happily married, so just business for her) She had me over for a session this summer in Brooklyn. Margit was one of the first faces in my 1000 faces project, and I’ve been photographing her ever since.

In the coming weeks, I'm hoping to ramp up my portrait website and take it to the next level, plus I'm offering mini sessions in Central Park on the 14th of October, and I'm always available to take headshots for you that will help you make money... or help you get laid. Whatever.
NGL, I really, really love it when my bride’s “something blue” has a red sole.
#AmberMarlowWeddings #LouboutinWorld
Yesterday Jenna and @JustinCMetz got married. I met them at their apartment in Brooklyn Heights and got to meet @lucygooserson, who let me snuggle her right up before we headed to their ceremony.

Dog people are my people. #AmberMarlowWeddings
Wedding season is in full swing, and it's a super busy time of year for me. I've been working overtime for weeks keeping my clients happy and running the @PineappleNorthProject. As a thoughtful gesture, my husband surprised me today by bringing me a bouquet of... balloons! Love him. #NYCWeddingPhotographer
Her laugh is absolutely perfect. We did the legal wedding ceremony today in Brooklyn, and there will be more wedding festivities on Sunday. I'm bringing my own sweet husband as an assistant, and we cannot wait. These two are so good together.

These fierce, feminist bridesmaids had some fun with a gender-bending look, rocking tuxedo pants and dapper vests from @bindleandkeep. •
This fierce, feminist photographer is INTO IT. #HellYes #AmberMarlowWeddings

planner @vivamaxweddings | makeup @makeupbytiffanynyc
Night portraits, forever my fave, because New York City is most magic after the sun goes down.

Thanks to @knwashco for reminding me of this shot, and to both you and #ughnoinstamisa for your amazing faces. (If she ever does get an Instagram account, you’re totally going to keep this hashtag, right? Because it’s perfect.)

I can’t wait for your wedding - two more months!

44.3292, -73.1107* | 2.9.2017 | 15:13 "I think," Marley said, "That I do want to hold the chicken after all. I'll regret it if I don't."
@jenthomp82 and @father.micah thanks for letting us cuddle your poultry.

*ish. We were at a private residence; this is the the town center.
This super gorgeous bride had a face that felt familiar, and reminded me of someone I knew. It was just after their wedding ceremony when we were taking portraits that I finally figured out who: me.

She could totally be my chic British cousin. 💁🏽👩🏽 Congrats you two. More photos soon! #AmberMarlowWeddings