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  Posted: Apr 21, 2012 1:06 AM
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Holiday reset in full effect! #ak #haines #timelapse

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A storm's a brewin' - Hard to beat early season golden light on @mammothmountain // #rangeoflight #mammothstories
Might be my favorite published photo to date. Thanks @thesnowboardersjournal for always embracing those in between moments. From issue #15.5 //// "These days it's important to show the younger generation the right path to preserve the soul of snowboarding. Spending his winters growing up off the grid in the Noboard capital of the BC interior, Escher Burns-Low spent the past winter Noboarding neck-deep pow between his parents' legs by day and playing Legos with @travisrice by night. It's safe to stay young Escher is on an unconventional path for an elementary-schooler. This is the look of a kid who has seen the light." ⚡️
User Image andrew_miller Posted: Nov 4, 2017 4:34 PM (UTC)
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DOWN DAY / BLUE DAY - Only in Alaska can you go from sitting around in your hotel for a week to standing on top of a wild spine line in a matter of 30 minutes. //#longlivethelinescrew longlivethelinescrew #spinecaptialoftheworld
I can easily say I have shot most of my best and favorite images hanging out of a helicopter next to @absinthefilms. Growing up watching their movies had such a huge influence on me and my friends and ultimately shaped my vision and lifestyle to where I am today. I can't thank Justin, Shane & Vlad enough for the advice, friendship and good times over the years. There is no better time than now to support independent films companies like Absinthe, who have had a direct part in influencing what most snowboard films are today. If you want to see more #absinthe movies made and care about something like this please check out their crowdfunding page and go buy the new movie #turbodojo now out on iTunes! // #supportrealsnowboarding #longlivethelinescrew #absinthefilms
@nick_russelll shot on assignment for @patagonia as seen in the new October issue of @twsnow. This is one of those images that doesn't really translate to a tiny screen (story of my life) Way better to turn pages than scroll the feed so go pick up a copy at your local shred shop ! // #joneshovercraftsplit
User Image andrew_miller Posted: Oct 30, 2017 6:12 PM (UTC)
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Wyoming whipper with @chocorompe for @volcomsnow as seen in the new @twsnow Oct issue. // #goat #cowboycountry
User Image andrew_miller Posted: Oct 22, 2017 3:55 AM (UTC)
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@jeremyjones cloud surfing in the Eastern Sierra for #lifeofglide - be sure to check out the teaser for his new short film.... looking really rad! //#jonesstormchaser
Had one of my favorite spring adventures this past May jiving down Highway 395 with this crazy crew. They biked over 300 miles with all their gear from Reno,NV to Mt Whitney,CA shredding classic Eastern Sierra zones along the way. Wish these guys nothing but luck as they premiere their movie "The Last Hill: Until the Next One" tonight at @patagoniareno. Thanks again for having me along! Check out @patagonia for the full tour stops and dates! // #jive395
Rad new feature with @austensweetin "All the Things" up on @thesnowboardersjournal. Spent bunch of time with Austen in Alaska and B.C. the past two seasons and he has been on fire! The most stoked dude you will ever meet! With so much quantity over quality these days it's really makes good content like this stand out even more. 👍🏻// #longlivethelinescrew #absinthefilms
Four years ago to the day -October 10th 2013 - @jeremyjones first descent "Shangri-La Spines" 21,400ft Himalayas, Nepal. // #theshangrilaexpedition #jjoneshigher
Sunrise at #theshangrilaexpedition Highcamp (18,500ft). @jeremyjones @pandolf73 & @jxnfigs were already on their way across the glacier for the first push up to snowboard the virgin Shangri - La Spines. A trip that would forever change my life and photography career 🙏🏻. // #jjoneshigher #nepal
Man... what a surprise! Insanely stoked to see this pop up yesterday! Seems like covers these days are so few and far between with the mags shrinking and certain politics behind them so this really means a lot especially coming from @thesnowboardersjournal 🙌🏻. I shot this hanging out of helicopter next to @absinthefilms who really taught me the ropes over the years in Alaska and I can't thank Justin enough! You always have that one special day up in AK and this was it. Unreal morning session with @austensweetin and @yomanueldiaz putting down epic lines and then watching @nicolasmuellair cross court these spines landing in a power slide slash barley holding on and somehow making it out. Truly one of the most interesting riders to watch in snowboarding. So grateful and many thanks to everybody involved. 🙏🏻 If you care about supporting snowboarding please go subscribe to the mags... it's the best way to help keep print alive and not have to look at photos on tiny screens! //#longlivethelinescrew
Some recent work for @volcom of Jamie x Guch x Terje in Wyoming. Last time these guys were together in Jackson was around 10 years ago filming for one of my favorite movies "Escramble." It was an amazing time shooting powder by day and art by night with this epic crew. Thanks for the many years of inspiration 🙌🏻 // #truetothis #goat
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Sensory overload before its all a blanket of white. Love this time of year. // #poweryourpassion
Japan with @vanssnow for "Landline." So nice to be with filmers who are shooting on 16mm. Super fast set up and no waiting = more runs and more shots. Stoked to see the flick!