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That @patbowden_ is pretty darn impressive, wouldn't you say?
@colbyraha is a mad man on two-wheels, especially on a quarter pipe. Here he is sending it on his way to an inaugural @xgames Quarter Pipe High Air Gold 🥇. More sequences are up now on
Honored to have my image of @tomparsons930 in @xgames' #Zoom Photo Contest finals for a chance to win a gold medal 🥇
@harrybink blew our minds at @nitroworldgamesofficial by landing the first 'Front Flip Rocksolid' in his second attempt. That's right, he crashed his first jump. Then Harry shook it off, tossed his broken visor aside, and came back to stomp it on his way to victory. What a legend.
@hillsack + 🏍 = 🔥. Visit this month's @XGames Zoom Gallery to get a bigger view of this photo and all of the other top action sports images. There are some amazing shots to browse through.
A YZ144 piloted by @bayodome shot at 1/8th of a second.
@frankielettieri showing off his super tech bike skills by airing off of a narrow, round pipe in a sand pit.
@geoffaaron's trials bike has a levitation mode to hover over rocks...
@hillsack flipped the script while at @cahuillamx. He took my camera and made me go jump something for him. Now only if I had some style 😩😂 📸-Jimmy Hill. @langstonmotorsports @enzo_racing @billspipes @elite_industries
Camera nerd alert 🤓📸🌎💫👽 This photo is a single-shot long-exposure of Earth's North Pole axis while @hillsack wheelies his dirt bike off of his custom built Cadillac limo fun-box, lit with 3 external flashes.
@jackostrong pulling the first ramp to snow flip on a Snowbike. Will we see Snowbike Freestyle at Winter @xgames next year?