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Goin' backwards through the archives. Life.
#tbt with Tom and the boys. Breakin' hearts while runnin' down a dream. #TodosLosTBTs
Your boy turning two 37 years ago. You do the math. #notforty
The War on Drugs plays the hits. It smells like weed, y'all.
Here's a new scorcher I recorded just to melt your device. #wansounds 🌋
Logo I'm currently enjoying. Ajajajajaja. Stop it!
This doodle is comin' to steal your girl.
It's always great to catch up with El Joven. I'm on the left.
R.I.P Tosti Arepa 2000. Almost 17 years of service.
I have an 8th grader and a 2nd grader. Y'all are gettin' old.