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Excellent day today

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My @birdhouseskateboards "Saturdays" part is live on the @thrashermag site for the next 48 hours! ...funny story about this trick...before I started trying this, @choadped was up there doing his thing when all the sudden he accidentally ejects out the side, some how whips his body around and lands on his feet and does a tuck and roll, instantly getting up and running around the parking lot screaming, "that was the scariest thing ever".... in a way that got me sparked to do this. So thanks Ben for not dying that day giving me this trick idea! #ilovemyfriends
Thank you @tonyhawkfoundation for another awesome weekend. Here is a fun little recap video @shawnhaleyeah made. #doubleshotgun #brogun
Thank you @tonyhawkfoundation for throwing a awesome event once again! Shout out to @ghettogastro for the delicious food. And to @clivejdixon for running behind me with his phone out and making me land this.
Extra angle of my "homo-slide" down the wedge from @birdhouseskateboards video "Saturday's" ... you guys got a funny name for this trick? Who ever makes me laugh the hardest I will send you a little prize box with some @ayc gear and other goods🎊📈 (📹 @hunteroshea ) UPDATE: @snuggglife you win with cody long bottom slide ...there's so many funny ones but that one hits close to home so I had to pick it. Tell next time🤙
@radicalfaceofficial thank you for enlightening my ear drums...possibly giving me a eardrum boner if that's a thing... you rule 💚🤙
@birdhouseskateboards Saturday's is out now for your viewing pleasure! Here is some extra angles of tricks that @codylonglens and I gathered up.
Here it is people! @birdhouseskateboards Saturdays is now available world wide on the inter web! Thank you everyone for all the support and most of all to everyone that made this video happen. #ilovemyfriends @tonyhawk @clivejdixon @theclintorous @choadped @shawnhaleyeah @lizziearmanto @davidloy @millsfilm @heyfilmthis