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  Posted: Apr 20, 2012 10:53 PM FEED
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Go ahead and try to steal my purse now!

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Posted: Oct 20, 2017 11:20 PM
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Chase and Asha test out their baking skills!! New vlog is up!! Link in bio!
Posted: Oct 20, 2017 1:17 AM
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For anyone interested in what equipment we use to make our daily Vlogs check out today’s video!! Link in bio!! It’s starts out as a regular vlog but then ends with all the Vlogging chatter!!
Posted: Oct 20, 2017 12:09 AM
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Bonus video is up!!! Chase and Asha do the Never Have I Ever Challenge! Link in bio! Be sure to thumbs up the video!!
Chase & Asha are doing Never Have I Ever! Comment below what questions I should ask them? If you’ve never played before it starts with “Never Have I Ever ________________” and you fill in the blank. Thanks!!!
Today’s vlog we apple picking and for pumpkins! Or should I say PUNKINS!! 🎃🎃🍁🍂🍎🍎 Link in Bio. Come back and tell me your favorite LINE from the whole video!!
Posted: Oct 17, 2017 7:20 PM
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We share everything to do with Homecoming in today’s vlog! Chase getting ready, getting photos with their friends and more! Also follow us on Facebook to see all the photos we took...I uploaded 50 of them. and link in bio for video!
Posted: Oct 16, 2017 6:54 PM
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I always wanted more daughters!! Now it’s like I do. The boys have the greatest most supportive girlfriends. Today’s vlog is our Homecoming game night. Link in bio. (Tomorrow will be the Homecoming video...getting ready, photos, etc) 💕 Thanks for watching. #chasha #bily
I loved Lily’s hair so much! It was so unique and perfect for her 2 piece outfit. She vlogged some of her day if you want a sneak peek before we post our Homecoming vlog. Link in my insta stories. Reply below with 😍 if you loved her hair too!!
Check out the Girlfriend Tag with Chase and Asha! 💕 Link in Bio. #chasha #girlfriendtag
So proud of my handsome boys! 💕 #homecoming (swipe for more)
Blake & Lily Homecoming 2017 ( swipe for more ) #homecoming
Chase & Asha Homecoming 2017 {swipe for more} #chasha #homecoming
Posted: Oct 14, 2017 10:49 PM
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Editing the video for tomorrow and this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. #chasha
Karina Garcia sent us her new Slime Kit from @target! Check it out in today’s vlog!! Plus Andrew is in the vlog finally and Chase shared his creations from ceramics class. #karinagarcia #slimekit #target #diy
Posted: Oct 13, 2017 6:13 PM
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Today’s vlog was our Homecoming Parade and the high school girls Big Ball Game! And Karli shares a little update on her teeth 😁 link in bio. #fridaythe13th #dailyvlog #homecoming
Posted: Oct 13, 2017 2:24 AM
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My philosophy on people in general. #choosehappiness #walkaway ........ Repost from @bethennyfrankel
Posted: Oct 12, 2017 9:20 PM
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See what the kids were up to on their Half Day of School! And you won’t believe how much money Chase wants me to pay him to be in my music video!! #chasha #dailyvlogs #reallife Link in Bio!
Fun day at @cedarpoint HalloWeekends! Link in bio! 🎃👻💀
Posted: Oct 11, 2017 9:52 PM
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We had fun at HalloWeekends! But Somone was too scared to go through one of the haunted houses!! See who!! Link in bio.
Posted: Oct 11, 2017 2:23 AM
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It’s a miracle the boys still have girlfriends! Only our crazy family has their kids eat gross pumpkin flavored foods after going out to dinner! Their stomachs were already so full. 😂 #pumpkinspice #punkin