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Look at what my stud finder found...LoL

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Got me out here lookin like I'm gettin ready for the end... Smdh
This is how I've been eating my sour patch exploderz lately...
#tbt Nicks "Mossing" Packers bumass defender during last year's SB run!
#tbt Dudes ain't want it in this game!
I stole this from @mryizzo bro..."I believe in ELI...& now all you do too!" Can't wait for him to cook this year! #sbrepeat
I was given seaweed to try & this sh*t was disgusting!
Ryann chilling with Grandma Del serious face & legs crossed...LoL
Championship number 6 on deck!
Look into the eyes of a fan of CHAMPS! I see you chumps aka Eagles & Cowboys fans; it's almost that time again...
Bout 4 of the 5lbs of twizzlers... Demolished... Smh...
I just finished cutting grass & lovely wife @tyryluv has breakfast ready for me! #SweetLife
#RealBreakfast but that twizzler snack gon be da shh...