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Off work, looks like my weekend has officially started!

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Here I am at the Joplin Missouri mall keeping it real, don't tell my parents #420 #840
@soulessginger816 took @terminally_bored @bryce_julian and myself on the best date we've been on in a wile. We even had wine not outta a box!
My beautiful girlfriend @terminally_bored gave me a birthday cut and beard trim for my 31st. Go follow her professional page at @cuts_by_jen for booking info! Also buy me a beer for my birthday if you see me in public, even if it's at IKEA, idc I'm just very parched
I went white water rafting and I did not want to pay the 30$ a print for something I will remember forever, so I disobeyed and pirated this picture for you all to see.
#colorado #whitewaterrafting #helmets #smiles #crime
When life gives you lemons slice one open and enjoy it with an ice cold zima. Round up the boys Brenda's getting lit tonight!
Thanks uncle Jim for the early birthday gift.
Happy birthday father(pictured right) you are my best friend and thank you for passing on your good looks and love of tank tops to me!