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#starbucks chick actually spelled my name right with no help! #theresafirsttimeforeverything #proud

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I'm hypersensitive to health issues rn and this little shit gave me the biggest scare of all this past week... all is good now (thank goodness) but he's 12 and he's my first baby and he's never allowed to die. Did you hear that Bix? Never. I love you the most. 💔 #bixbyrocks #longestrelationship #12yrsstrong
Does anyone else feel like it's hard to breathe? So much tragedy, so much heartache... don't know how much more of this I can take.
#currentmood captured perfectly by @staley
sometimes the smallest moments in life end up being the most significant... #cherisheveryday
these are a few of my favorite things ✨ sun flare, mermaids and shooting editorials in collaboration with a shitload of talented women 🙌🏼💛 #tapfordeets
Can't believe how big my little Ven has grown. Also, can't believe Atlas is now the same age she was in this pic. ALSO, can't believe we spent two hours shopping in American Apparel that day. ❤️💛💚💙💜#ripamericanapparel @thislc