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Singing Elmo is a hit.

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I’m not sure who took this picture, but it’s mega cool. I remember seeing @elmakias hanging in the rafters around this area, so it’s probably his...? Anyway, Self Help was a ton of fun. Stoked for what’s to come next year.
He just walked up, asked me what I was doing here and asked me to “have a seat” 🤷🏼‍♂️ #ChrisHaaaaaanson
Me and my dude just waiting for this storm to blow us over.
Sunday tradition. Literally the best tacos there are. And I’ve eaten most of them. @capitaltacos
Hi. Facebook reminded me of this pic of my friend @wschamberlain and myself being mega-friends over a decade ago and I wanted to share it with the internet. We're still mega friends, but I cut my hair and he put a shirt on.
This dude just had a planned surgery (you'd never know it by the way he's acting) and I want to thank all the nurses and doctors at @allchildrens for seriously being the best. He's happy and we're happy.
Also, how are you? What's cool that I need to check out?
So I haven't posted on here since I've been home because I've been busy living life with these crazies. Saw a few good movies, been listening to good music, eating good food, also working on a few other projects that I'll be talking about soon. Good times all around! What's new with you?
You guuuuys! I like to think this was taken after my wife told him there's only 3 more shows until I come home, but he was probably just pumped on the avocado he was munching on.
If I don't come out, please call Leah Remini and tell her "The Keys have been lost." She'll know what to do.