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Michelangelo's first painting

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" C H A I N G E S " #chainges
Although I adore the curves of your body I wonder about the depth of your thoughts.
I’ve grown weary of searching for oceans inside of puddles.
I don’t care how wavy you are.
If I can’t swim in your substance then don’t drown me in your shallows. – BK *available at
One day I want a whole part of my house to have nothing but my brother @biscosmith 's art. Too clean too dope and too good of a guy 🙏 bless up #spreadlovebk #investinart
S/o to @suetsai - always on point with execution and message...beautiful work 🙏 #spreadlovebk #investinart
When we were young sitting in trees under the sun...did u ever think it would grow into this? -- Update: *SOLD*
Me and @adyingbreednyc were talking through this concept - and I said I was gonna try and flip the whole rose into his body...using the shape/angle of the leaves to form the red wings logo from the iconic "spitting" photo. I think the juxtaposition of that photo with the rose shows the different sides of one of our most important icons. It makes me think of his quote about how America can't hate him cuz America made him. Truly the rose that grew from concrete. Been working through the idea, almost done. No sketches, just building it live on the wooden cassette. It's dope how the different elements all exist but don't compete. The rose forms his face and bandana, and rises from pavement in the foreground...while a hazy LA skyline looms in the distance. You can see each one individually - then flow in and out of depth & perception.
Ps - now I got the biggie, the Ali & the Pac joint 💪
"The rose that grew from concrete" #tupac
J Ê Ž Ę B Ë Ł - viewable from all 4 angles (rotate phone and look at bottom left corner for each new face ✊️) #signaturestyle
If we don't learn from our past how can we better our future? #respectthewrinkles
For some they are stripes. For others they are bars. It can divide us...or provide us with a ladder to the stars. 🇺🇸#theamericanflag #takeaknee #imwithkap #nfl #trump #redwhiteandblue #america #usa
Don't give a man a fish. Teach em HOW to fish ✊️#inprogress
"Blue Collar Kings" now available at or via link in profile -- A ode to the under appreciated and often overlooked who deserve recognition for all their hard work. #bluecollarkings s/o to my brother @havanakid05 on his newest original acquisition 🙏 you got a banger to add to the collection ✊️