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  Posted: Apr 20, 2012 3:12 PM FEED
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#tbt to giant 🦀 legs for breakfast in 🇯🇵
He's so pissed I woke him up, he's growling at me 💩😂
#tbt to total and complete serenity. This beach will always have a place in my heart 💙
#adventuringtogether #happybabes #kailuabeach #bikinilife #serenityblue #healthybodies
#fbf to last weekend when I realized I was coming home from our trip with the best souvenir I could've ever imagined...a FIANCÉ .. I ❤️ you so much @duderad 💍
A little rain can't stop me ☔️🚲😁 (This ones for you... @hendrixmark @i_hate_shane 😜)
Missed the shit out of this gremlin when I was gone 🐶💛🐶
I spy with my little eye... @duderad
8 mile 🚲 rides in rainy weather earns you matcha ice cream ☕️ 🍦
Ps- the bikes were electric 😁
Took a train to the outskirts of Tokyo to the Jazz neighborhood with friends last night. We were the only non Japanese people there and the waitress insisted we squeeze the chicken when we wanted her attention to the delight of the entire restaurant packed full of locals who were giggling with us (prob at us 🙈) it was amazing. Also the restaurant was called crazy chicken funky pork.
#tbt to the first day back into my moms house almost 2 weeks after Hurricane Sandy hit. We drove out from Brooklyn catching rides from the few friends who had enough gas (& generosity) to get us there. We spent the day throwing away what was left of their belongings & trying not to gag at the putrid smell, finding other people's belongings that had rushed in w/ the water, mold was already starting to grow. It was terrible. But we took this photo and put on our bravest faces because we had each other and they were safe. Just sending all of the love to Houston these days. You will be ok ❤️we promise.
Oh @kimberlyannehiggins how nice it has been to spend time with you the past few days. I can't wait until the day you move back to LA, 13 years of friendship is a special thing! Love ya lady! 👩‍❤️‍👩💕
Happy birthday to this cute little 🐒monkey🐒 in the middle! May your day be as beautiful as you! @emilymwilson
Happy Monday...let's do this 👊🏼
Yesterday was one of those best days 😁🌴