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River by Yeff and Hopper.
Photographed on her roof in LA (Sept 2016). Drawn on print by Harry Yeff (@reepsone). New York, Oct 2017.
Maria Chroni by Yeff and Hopper.
Photographed in London (July 2017).
Drawn on an A0 print by Harry Yeff (@reepsone) in New York (Oct 2017).
Shadia Elise by Yeff and Hopper. Originally taken in Sept 2016 (Los Angeles).
Printed and drawn on by Harry Yeff (aka @reepsone) in Oct 2017, New York.
@angelicahaymes by Yeff and Hopper.
Printed image from a shoot I did with Angelica in Brooklyn (Aug 2016). Drawn by Harry Yeff (aka @reepsone). New York. Oct 2, 2017.
Floating in air. @amber.villanueva yesterday at The Standard, High Line hotel in New York.
I took Maria to one of my favourite places in London. July 2017.
@reepsone told me posting old work is bad karma so…
This isn’t actually new. It’s from last summer but I have never published it before.
It also looks kinda funny with the IG censors but what can you do.
Aaaand I’m coming back to colour after posting BW over the past 2 weeks.
Everything else though, oh my fucking god - right? Pretty cool pic there with @shadia_elise.
Taken Sept 16, 2016. Los Angeles.
Jonathan Fortin being a cocoon in my studio few years ago.
Shun Sugimoto in my London studio, few years ago.
This dude is an inspiration, check him out!
Hung in the air, in a Finnish forest.
It is where I learned the secrets of a real Finnish sauna.
Viivi Roiha, Metsä (The Forest Project). 2015.
A self portrait I used as an avatar for about 10 years. I feel like it should retire now.