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To school we go. But wait! Not until we accessorize for the cool weather... with Star Wars goggles and shark and T-Rex "gloves." 😂 This kid. May he always think outside the box. #toddlerfashion
"I'm like a helicopter." // I'm determined to let his hair grow. 🙅🏼‍♂️💇‍♂️
Wild child. Also, I deserve a couple bonus mom points for having an extra pair of pants in his school backpack. #summerinthefall
Arthur's "wasn't me" face. // Climbing on and jumping off the couch while I'm nursing Leon; scooting around the apartment to chase after the cats; shouting like a mad man and touching baby brother's face when he's sleeping; lathering an insane amount of coconut oil onto his arms and eating mom's chapstick; watching TV and eating Nutella on brioche...This kid's doing all the things he's not supposed to do today. And since Teddy is working and I'm on my own, outnumbered and missing an extra set of eyes and hands to keep everything under control, I'm gonna let it all fly. Plus, look at that angel face. Also, it just occurred to me that in a little over a month, he's going to be three. THREE YEARS OLD!
The way he looks at his dad. Pure love. 😍
The perfect way to end summer with @kaityvelez, the New York City skyline, and a glass of wine... Oh, and a cricket.
"How you doin'?" // Leon's looking handsome in this "vintage" @_bobochoses_ tank top that Arthur wore three years ago, which in baby years must be like 30, right? #bluesteel
The snuggle IS real, and so is the cuteness overload. I mean, look! These little buds held hands! ... It was accidental and for, like, five seconds, but still. 😍
I don't think there'll ever be anything as satisfying as my baby falling asleep on my chest, while I wear him and run errands. First, cute! Second, his serenity brings a little zen to all the hustle and bustle. Plus, it's empowering to know that I can rock him to sleep while taking care of business. 💪
The camera must really add ten pounds, right? Ugh how's this little nugget of mine so big already? Two months today, and growing like a weed.
This morning, as he was climbing onto the @bugaboostrollers board, Arthur said: "My backpack is my friend." 😂 Also, I'm a mom of not ☝️ but ✌️ boys, you guys! Whaaaaat!!? #momoftwo #momofboys #trexfingersforlife
This little dude was all smile today. It was the absolute best.
What Sundays are made of: my boys tidying up the apartment while I nurse baby. #myviewwhilenursing
Beach bums in the making and their mamas. // Yesterday was Francis and Leon's first beach day, and it was 👌. Thanks for the snap, @scottmaize
Sandy bum, salty hair and the biggest, happiest smiles. What better way to close out the summer season than a day at the beach. Now, we're back to reality and getting ready for this little guy's first day of preschool. 😁😊🙂😐😔🙁😖😩😫😢😭🍷
Heading to the Museum of Natural History is serious business for these little Brooklynites. Also, it melts my heart every time they hold hands.