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Had to post a particularly beloved moment for his 4 month mark. Elliott has the most infectious laugh ever and he loves to do it.
One of my favorite gardens in downtown Charleston... A tiny ecosystem set up in an old coal chute in the French quarter. The cool air and dark/damp environment allows shade loving ferns to grow quite happily here #eclipse
We had a baby! Elliott couldn't wait to meet us and decided to surprise us a week early. He's a little cutie that loves all things baby
Enamoured with this rose, Little Grey Pearl. Slow growing but huge buds packed with hauntingly grey tinted petals. These oddly colored roses are always worth the higher level of attention they require
Kim, 37, wants to speak with your manager
Finished this the other day. Solid walnut and glass. The plant is a philodendron in a mug turned pot.
Most of my IG posts are of Tucker's silly faces and I make no apologies for it
This is from a few weeks ago but I couldn't resist taking a picture of my favorite developing bonsai in the snow
Basically my life in one picture
Tucker is an ewok even without the costume
Well, looks like someone has been enjoying the slightly cooler nights we've been having!