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crtwotwo 286w ago
Chillin with burner and JT$..

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@uncleronnie69 you got nothing ! 🇦🇺💪🏽😂😂
13 years💍💖😍
Bring on the next 13🔥💥😘 @mrstwotwo
It's the weekend🤘🏽🤘🏽
Get out and ride!!
©®2️⃣2️⃣250 🎶😍👌🏼
Decision made!
Let's do this 🤘🏽😜
First day back riding SX
My new tracks tough
Was going to ride my 2stroke but think I'll be hitting up the MX track instead lol
Hopefully I'll be okay going straight 😂
Massive thanks to @boostaus for the amazing weekend
@padderton and @jeffward3x for the sore throat from laughing the whole time
To all the @boostaus affiliated teams and drivers THANKS for all the hospitality
Australia's greatest race never disappoints
She's a tough cookie !
🇦🇺 see ya in a month for @ausxopen
Time to get home🇺🇸
I got work to do 😤💪🏽🤘🏽
Can't wait to get home and hit the ground 🏃🏽 #bombertracks crushing it as always 👌🏼
🎥 @mrstwotwo
What's everyone's favorite era ?

Mine is the mid 90s
I Was the biggest @jeremymcgrath fan
From this bike to his @foxmoto gear I was in love ! It was the beginning of my love and passion for the sport of SX
Till this day it hasn't been challenged
Racing #redbullstraightrhythm has me 90s excited!!
Call me old but man I can't wait to rip a 2stroke again 😍
It's on!! I'm racing #straightrhythm #2strokerace @uncleronnie69 challenge accepted !!👊🏽 New project frame getting some fresh new power by my man @pcoater_shane
This will be my CR2⃣2️⃣ 2stroke I'll race at the #straightrhythm
Haven't a 2stroke since Vegas 2005
I'm so excited to finish this build and start riding it
If you're in Bathurst Saturday night
#Repost @ausxopen (@get_repost)
Thanks to Boost Mobile (@boostaus) you can meet Chad Reed (@crtwotwo) this Saturday at the @oxfordbathurst Hotel, between 6:00-6:30pm! See you there! #ChadReed #Supercross #TheOxfordHotel #Bathurst #MonsterEnergyAusXOpenSydney
🤔 All packed and off to Australia 🇦🇺 @boostaus @jcourtney 2️⃣2️⃣😁
Can not wait to be on the mountain next weekend cheering on the @jcourtney 2️⃣2️⃣ Loving the new @boostaus livery mate
This November 🇦🇺! With @boostaus ✊️! @ausxopen
Two dudes just wanting to win 🏁 🙌🏻
As you can see I haven't been riding
But 1st day back I got you covered @uncleronnie69 🤘🏽😂