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  Posted: Apr 19, 2012 10:48 PM FEED
0 Hudson
This girl parked in my skate spot. Wtf?

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Got some clips on this box. Slides and grinds perfect. #skateboarding
My granddad passed away peacefully in his sleep this morning. It was sad hearing the news, but I know he's up there with the Lord now. I decided to take a ride after a lot of family and friends came to visit, and I wanted to find this place after my uncle showed it to me a while back. I loved going through there and the beauty of it just reminded me of the beauty of life that God has blessed us with. Getting to experience new things, learn from people, and just enjoy things we do is what I love about it. Thanks Grandy, I know Nanny's been waiting to see you. #motorcycle #ride #roadlesstraveled #keepthefaith #love
So I've been pretty inactive on Instagram, but I guess I'll give everyone an update. I've got a job now, I'm having to go back to community college for a year to catch up on some classes, but I'm still skating. Life is getting better and I'm gonna put my best foot forward to accomplish my dreams. Oh and here's @king_xany and me bombing a hill in downtown Hattiesburg a while back. Good times. #skateboarding #bombhillsnotcountries #loosetrucksgiveyouspeedwobbles
Little throwback to about a month ago skatin with @king_hippie_x at Doc 36. Tried to do a 180 but ended up doing an accidental pop to smith grind lol. #skateboarding #fun #skatewithyourhomies #Jackson #miniramp #ineedtoleatnmoretricksonaminiramp
Posted: Dec 23, 2014 4:48 AM
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Got the new board today! Early Christmas present! Thanks @andyschrock and everyone at ReVive and Force! #skateboarding #skate #newboard #christmas #maybeishoulddoavlogwhilesettingupthisboard #vlog
We are substituting for Santa's elves to make wax for all you kiddos. Enjoy. Or die. Vlog to come up tomorrow. @magicwax #skateboarding #skate #magicwax #lessmeltmoreslide # vlog #subscribe #lessbrickmoreslide #thisworktakesalotsobethankful #christmas
Well, I deleted my other account and I re uploaded the videos onto my original account. So subscribe to my account "Noah Gower"! I'll be uploading videos on there for here on out. This new video features Matthew Holifield aka @magicwax @mister.boss trying to kickflip the 5 stair at the park while we're placing bets on it. Oh yeah and @chris_bergeron he does an actual hardflip in the video. Subscribe and like homies!
#skateboarding #skate #steezy #subscribe #kickflip #ihavenoideawhymatthewshardflipslooklikepopshuvitsnow #clean #homies
I'm thinking about doing some vlogs on YouTube while I'm out driving to school and when I'm just going out on certain topics. Yes? No? If yes, topics? I'll also put some skate videos up. Sorry I've been so lazy with that. #skate #videos #vlog #suggestionsneeded
Yes, yes, I know. I'm clogging up the feed with videos but it's the only way I can get them out there. My name is Tommy Gower on YouTube and I have posted a #fullclipfriday video! It features @zanery601 @_oxy_moron_21 @evanbrewer and @sir_skates_alot2145. Like, comment, and subscribe! #skateboarding #tryingtostartsomething #youtube #subscribe #skate #subscribe #like #ireallyhavenoideawhereimgoingwiththis
My next quick clip is up! My name is Tommy Gower on YouTube!@_oxy_moron_21 aka Hunter McLain pulls off a long line filled with 3 steezy tricks! If y'all hit the like button, I'll post another vid tomorrow! #skateboarding #filming #downsouthinhell #diamond #steezy #onthecomeup #tryingtostartsomething #southernskateboarding #ftw #subscribe #homes
Well I started a new YouTube channel, my name is Tommy Gower. The first clip I have is of @Chris_bergeron aka The Berg. If you like it and have a YouTube channel, subscribe, like, and comment! #skateboarding #filming #youtube #tryingtostartsomething #southernskateboarding #downsouthinhell #ihavenoideawhatwillcomeofthis
Posted: Sep 11, 2014 2:29 PM
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13 years ago today, I was sitting in my desk at Hope Lutheran Elementary School in Glendora, CA. My mom came to check me out of school for some unknown reason. When I got home after a long car ride and many questions to my mom, I started to hear helicopters coming from the desert heading for Los Angeles. As I kept wondering what was going on, my mom told me what had happened. I was terrified and confused as to why this was happening to people in New York City. Today, I realize the significance of this day and how tragic it was for everyone in America. However, even though everyone has their own views and beliefs, this day brings us all together as one country. I don't care if it was an inside job or part of some sort of "jihad" "holy war" by Islamic terrorists, the fact that anyone could plot to kill thousands of people inside a place that brought the world together through trade just shows that evil is among us. I do believe, though, that good can overcome evil if we are all united as humans. To the families of those who died in that horrific incident, I know it is hard and I cannot imagine the pain you deal with every year on this day. Stay strong, and God bless you. #911 #neverforget
Posted: Jul 16, 2014 7:14 PM
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We out in Fairhope, AL hittin it up. Matthew Holifield @magicwax kickflip up the 2. #pop #kickflip #skateboarding #gtwyc @almostskate #doubleimpact # matthewpopsflatgroundtrickssohardhebreaksdoubleimpacts
Posted: Apr 3, 2014 6:18 PM
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A little blueberry black tea and an episode of Boondocks to end this good thursday. I highly recommend them both. #tea #organic #boondocks #uncleruckus #rileyfreeman #hueyfreeman #boondocks4thseason