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octabat 286w ago
Just the beginning... Original artwork by Herrera

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Batman and the Double Bubble! Coming soon to a town near you!
Me, Jenna, and Tiny E🖤 Getting ready for wedding day!!! Friday the 13th eve!!
Second oil painting from class coming right along! Possibly.... 6-7 hours in? Time seriously flies right by when doing this.
Family movie night. Evil Dead 2. 😂😂😂😂Francis
Saturday afternoon doodles....
Haven’t been here in a loooong time:) It smells just how I remember it. Pickles, patchouli, and weed. 😂🖤
Guitar town today!! Another fun one for @sixteencandlesband Guitarist! 😊🦇😊
Newest collage. About to be turned into an oil painting. I call it..... "Light made from the abyss. Swim out. Jump back in."
My take on a James Warhola design for the cover of 'Stranger in a Strange Land'. It was an honor and a pleasure to tattoo this piece💙🦇💙
Openings at Dark Heart Tattoo today!! Halloween season is upon us🖤🦇🖤 Let's do something weird!
Thank you @rachel_uskert for kickin some hair ass for me!! Haha!! I love it💙
Very happy with this design today! Moving right along with it! Maaaybe a background someday💙
A little Tardis action on this hot hot Saturday.....
Neato progression photo of the painting I'm doing for class. Critique is on Monday!!
Happy mansis Francis. Fransylvania. Fwankenstein. James FranKo.