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Unloading a .223 round on a 2 gallon jug. Easiest way to irrigate the farm. Back on the road tomorrow! -- 19:10CDT #AR15 #kansas
I spy, a #Kansas sunset. Copied @kylelavorante photo idea on this one, but it was too hard not to SHOOT... 😉(approve of that one @lisacates ?) -- 19:11CDT #marlinXT22 #22lr #boltaction #sunsethunter
Taco, more well traveled than most humans and hasn't thrown down a dime on gas in nearly 14 years. Only three states left to conquer until Louisiana. -- 16:14CDT #tacobomb #kansas #roadtripseason 🌮 💣
Good times in #Montana w/ @kylelavorante & @maxmctagg. Now en route to Colorado. Only one week left for #roadtripseason -- 17:57MDT 35°F I-90E
Damn well worth the 250mi round trip drive. I finally conquered East Glacier after failing to, 1 year ago. Thanks for joining @kylelavorante -- 15:15MDT #goingtothesunroad #glaciercounty #glaciernationalpark #tacobomb #montana #roadtripseason
Benton Bridge over a portion of the Middle Fork Flathead River. -- 14:57MDT #tacobomb #montana
Floorin it down I-90 in order to make into Flathead Valley for the third time, in one year. -- 18:37MDT #montana #roadtripseason
Underground bars in #Seattle with my brother Bass. So much I didn't know about this town, but i like it. -- 22:43PDT #washington #roadtripseason
First sights on #Seattle after a 68hr delay in Eugene, OR. Thanks again to everyone that helped me continue on and finally reach my first destination! -- 16:30PDT #roadtripseason #washington
Taking refuge in a Starbucks while it was in the 30°s this morning. Waiting for updates on car repairs but Taco still doesn't know what's going on. -- 08:27PDT #roadtripseason #brokedown #oregon
Road Trip Day 1: Fail!
In the first photo you'll see not only did my alternator belt rip off due to a rotten pulley, but also the guy in the semi to the right had the same problem.
After about 3 hours of attempting to call Triple A with no service, my good man Chris (CBASS) was able to assist me with sending a tow truck to my location.
5 minutes into the tow, the tow truck broke down as well but he fixed it in seconds because he's a bad ass Navy Vet.
After getting to know each other for awhile, Ken, from Chemult OR decided to treat me to dinner and give me a break on the tow price. THANK YOU KEN & CBASS!
Oh and one more thing, do I know anyone in Eugene OR ? Might be here awhile... #roadtripseason #notgivingup
Bye bye, Big Blue! It was a damn good summer and I'll see ya soon. #Nevada to #Washington here we go! -- 06:45PDT 32°F #laketahoe #roadtripseason
Caught me a fine lookin Stellar's Jay this afternoon. Poor little guy flew into @kat_midgley 's house and couldn't find his way back out. Only in #Tahoe -- 14:16PDT #catchandrelease #stellarsjay #laketahoe #nevada
Just about the only way to tell Taco is older than Josie is by her monstrous shadow. Making our rounds before hitting the road Sunday! -- 15:30PDT #josieandtaco #california #roadtripseason
One last boat ride on a brisk fall day to wrap up Tahoe Summer 17'. To the trailer she goes! -- 14:30PDT #mastercraftX2 #laketahoe #california
"Dean's Offensive Driving Course."
Teaching the young blood to drive the big rig. Next weeks course will focus on:
Backing trailers & and using the girth of a truck to force your way through traffic on I-405. --
16:08PDT #studentdriver #california
Dodgers clinch their #postseason spot but will they take it further than the NL West Division Champs? Let's hope 2017 is our season! #goDODGERS! -- 22:49PDT#beatSF #losangeles #california