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Sometimes, I think the simplest things in life are the things that bring us the most pleasure, especially during the holiday season. Good food and drink, a place to call home, and spending quality time with family and friends... I wouldn't trade that for anything. Happy holidays, everyone. :3
Last moment model shot from my character, Kaius. #lol I decided to go on an all-out rampage in all of the major cities before I went to bed. Solitude wasn't really a good idea, but this totally made it worth my while. 😂 #rip #skyrim
"But first, lemme take a selfie."
Not a very good picture, and a little on the late freight, but who cares? It's Friday, the 13th day of the month, and a full moon. #happy #friday13th #tgif #lol
I remember this guy when he was just a little lizard. They grow up so fast! 😭
Finally getting back into the feelz of drawing again. #feelingwolfy
Does this qualify for an awkward family photo? I honestly don't think it does, but... I doubt I'll ever get a shot like this again.
Natural (top) Vs. Steroids (bottom)