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Had a blast last night with this lovely lady listening to operatic jazz! Such a great event and for such a great organization @we_works
Pretty cool work being done outside my church, and all around Sacramento #sacmurals
My boss Kathy Sowa just shared her incredible story of breast cancer survivorship (7 years). Proud to be out here supporting so many other inspiring stories! #bofavolunteers @bankofamerica @komenncca
Happy Valentine's Day to this girl! She's the best and I love her.
If I was an animorph, I would spend most of my day as a house cat, just chilling. #jelly #catlife🐾
This was the view the day we left. Believe it or not, the seas had calmed somewhat as the last major weather system skipped Mendocino and went south towards Sacramento.
Even grown ups get a little nervous when the surf comes crashing in... #runaway
No joke, this was taken from a chair on our balcony this weekend. I didn't even need to put on shoes. #threeyears #gettingbetter
Our little weekend getaway turned into an upgrade to the Honeymoon sweet at the most iconic hotel in Mendocino. What an incredible way to celebrate three truly happy years with the love of my life.
The Best Day: Woke up late. Yesterday's nasty fog lifted. No lines. Gobs of snow. It was a #winterwonderland
The storm lifted, but there is another one right on its tail. I hope we get up to the mountains this weekend!
Actually Vikingsholm. This granite mansion was built at the turn of the century by a newspaper baron's wife. Used to entertain all the prominent Dem's, including FDR. #whatalife
This was the view today from the top of Vikingsholm. So clear!
Had a ton of fun setting up for the Holiday Banquet at the @crhkids. Great people doing great work, for kids moving away from difficult home environments and into foster care or adoption. Best part was doing it with our team! #achildatheart
Another from our photo shoot with @thebaumcreative. The purpose of these photos was to take headshots for LinkedIn, but I had a hard time staying serious...
Ok. HUGE shout out to the incredibly talented @thebaumcreative for the amazing photos. @rachcannary and I are in awe of how great she made us look! The whole process was a blast, and we now have photos we're gonna cherish the rest of our lives!
When rain up on the mountains shelved our ski plans, we went to the river instead. Look how cute and sporty this girl is!