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tynology 286w ago
Homemade pizza last night to go with my homemade beer!

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Have you seen this panda?!? See how Tile helps Ernie find his way home! See the full story at! #LinkInBio #Tile #LostPanda #HaveYouSeenThisPanda #TileIt #sponsored
Me and the goo just kickin' it under a waterfall in Iceland #tbt #throwbackthursday #travel #iceland (taken at Seljalandsfoss)
There's never enough sushi in my life 🍣
Summer and slides! Sorry for the hiatus, it's been a helluva month!
Happy Mother's Day to the best mama for our little goo. Had a blast yesterday exploring Monterey with you @thefebruaryfox!
I'm a VIP and I also upgraded our appliances to smart, high efficiency models to save energy. #LetsGetCharged #DoYourThing @energyupgrade_ca #sponsored
The health journey is fully underway. @vitatops may be helping my morning sweet tooth a bit too. #vitatops
Caught off-guard after our daily visit to the livery as usual
I love sharing new experiences and great memories from my childhood with my little dude. Top of the list of our favorite snacks: #koalasmarch. #ad
My two-year-old's latest street art project titled "it's hot", because that's his favorite phrase of the month.
I recently discussed my post-New Year's resolution to eat healthier and focus on things that I enjoy. Link in profile! #vitatops @vitatops #sponsored
Friday afternoon hangs with the dude.
This little lady has turned my life upside down. Seven years, thousands of miles, dozens of countries, ups and downs, and a little goo kid, it doesn't matter where I am, as long as it's with you. Happy Valentine's Day darling!
Perma-smiles from this little guy in the middle of an outdoor art installation titled "Penetrable" by Jesús Rafael Soto in front of the LACMA yesterday.
Yesterday my wife marched at #womensmarchla while I stayed home and had a boys day with Fox. We watched movies, played basketball, and read books. We must all understand that resisting ignorance, intolerance, and denial is not only for ourselves, but for for our children. Thank you @thefebruaryfox for standing up for human rights and acceptance. I'm proud of you.
Training to be the next Banksy. In dino pants.
When you want to get in the holiday spirit, but also need to keep up your style game. Check out link in bio for an in-depth article. @alfordhoff #alfordhoff
Just put up a couple dozen photos from our trip to Iceland 🇮🇸 on the blog. What an adventure.