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My 2 favorite people, plus the third one in the oven 👶🏼
I just thought I would update you guys: Alexis is carrying a tiny human being, who will come in to the world in the month of February. She is 14 weeks/3 1/2 months. Everything so far is going smoothly, and our baby GIRL is healthy. Yes, we know it's a girl! And I think we have a name too! This was an unexpected gift, but we have learned in life that when the unpredictable happens, you just have to roll with it. A child is always a blessing. We are very nervous, but excited, overwhelmed and overjoyed at the same time. It's so hard to describe... I know everything will work out the way it's meant to be. Our little family is growing! February can't come fast enough! We love you so much already, our darling baby girl!
red3275 20w ago
Had the best time with my princess 👑 at Scarborough Fair
red3275 41w ago
Got to spend the holidays with all my family and a few special people.
red3275 62w ago
I don't upload many photos of just me, but I like this one enough.
red3275 63w ago
Forgot to post when @kevinaquino14 and I went to see midget wrestling.
red3275 71w ago
Teaching my brother from Spain how to Shoot!!
red3275 71w ago
I think we'll make a proper Texan out of him.
red3275 71w ago
Haven't been to Scarborough fair in forever!!! It was crazy to see the actors there from when I was a kid. Definitely an awesome day.
red3275 74w ago
After 8 hrs of fun this is the final product. So happy with it thanks @resurrect_on_jupiter ... "Do you feel alive" 😂😂😂
red3275 74w ago
One of the most painful tattoos I have gotten but well worth it. Christine always makes it enjoyable. Thanks again @resurrect_on_jupiter on this awesome art and I can't wait to see you in Ohio!!! Also thanks @jesschezz for giving me the idea of this tattoo.
red3275 76w ago
Always doing an awesome job!!!! If you looking for some new ink just hit up @resurrect_on_jupiter I just shot out an idea and she came back with some sick art. I love it!!!
red3275 76w ago
First time back at the capital sense I was five, also had a cool ass friend down to adventure around Austin @camj. Thanks for being down for the random trip dude!!!
red3275 77w ago
Good times with great people. I know I can always depend on my brothers.
red3275 77w ago
Got a new ride from an old friend, nice upgrade from the mustang.
red3275 80w ago
Got a trim today after almost a year. Didn't think that much would come off, but I think I like it.
red3275 84w ago
Big thanks to @resurrect_on_jupiter at @legacyartstattoo. I just gave her some ideas and she came back with some awesome art. Hit her up if you are getting a tattoo
red3275 87w ago
Yesterday I went to see my first soccer(football) game ever and I have to say it was pretty dope. Especially because we won.
red3275 90w ago
If anyone ever wants to go shooting hit me up, I love having the opportunity to show people a great new hobbie the safe way...Great friends to go shooting with on a Sunday @kevinaquino14 @kathiemathie @ahhhdumb @phak_man @meechez