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I may have forgot yesterday, but I'll never forget how much I love her. #wcw
Thankful for everyday I spend with this foxy lady. #wcw
This girl...she makes me laugh, makes me smile, picks me up when I'm down, holds me up when I'm on a high, loves me for me just as I love her for her. She owns my heart. #wcw
I've been watching a lot of #dannycarey videos lately. No front head and felt beaters...I'm into it.
Hooked up my dude with a pedal repair. Custom made some plastic bushings to replace the stock pearl ones that long failed, replaced the stock heel plate hinge with the new style thumb screws for ease of future repairs. No reason he should get another 10+ years out of this pedal now. #pearldrums #pearleliminator #drumrepair #customjob
Threw some angle on the rack toms...sometimes being neurotic pays off. #drums #drummerproblems #neurotic