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Sipping green tea as I plan out my day ... Back to Tokyo for some nostalgic destruction? Osaka? Kanazawa?
Citizens of Japan, listen up! For a limited time engagement - I'm baaaack!
My movie is coming out soon - gotta get back in shape!
Sorry I've been so quiet. Lately I've been busy watching the Olympics!
Checking out the neighborhood light displays on Christmas Eve.
"That ... was ... AWESOME! Is it 2014 yet?"
Out Christmas tree shopping - bummed to learn there is no such thing as a 500-foot Douglas Fir.
A quiet day scrapbooking -they grow up so fast (sniff). Memories...
No, of course not, I wasn't playing with dolls - it's a "domestic role-playing adventure." Isn't that right, Mr. Bunny-poo!
"I hate having to use the toilet at other people's houses."
Can't destroy things unless I'm properly caffeinated!
"Hey you punk kids! Get off of my lawn!" You'd better listen!
Stop laughing. You try using chopsticks with giant clawed hands!
Almost forgot to take out the recycling!
Summertime ... and the living is ea-sy!
*sigh* - hate these promo shoots ... gotta pay the bills ...
Nothing as relaxing after a hard day destroying cities as a hot shower.