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  Posted: Apr 18, 2012 5:59 PM FEED
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Absolutely surreal to see the Bronx story on A1 today with a beautiful double truck. Go read the story, beautifully written by @josedelreal. Thanks to @jfurt for the incredible print (and digital) design
If the Bronx was a state it'd be number two behind West Virginia in opioid overdoses in the US. Last month I spent a couple weeks in the Bronx for @nytimes, talking to active users and the good people at NYHRE and the Washington Heights Corner Project, trying to humanize and respect the people impacted by the crisis. Please don't just look at the pictures; take the time and read the compelling story written by Jose DelReal. Enormous gratitude to @jfurt for the thoughtful edit and long talks on making pictures that maintain users' dignity.
A couple weeks back I spent some time with Susannah and her family. About a year ago she was diagnosed with a rare neurodegenerative disorder that affects speech and mobility. Because of the rarity of the condition, research for treatments and cures are restrictively expensive. As a response, Susannah's parents have gotten creative with finding alternatives to launching their own research initiatives. Huge thanks to @sallymarit and Luke for allowing me into their home to show Susannah's story, and to @parkre for the beautiful treatment (link in bio). Shot on assignment for the Wall Street Journal @wsjphotos
His lyrics can be a bit aggressive at times, so I was taken aback by how quiet and kind A$AP Ferg was. He was approachable and inquisitive, and we talked for quite a while about the nature of our respective creative work, and the intersection of art, music, and photography. It was a welcomed surprise from an ascending but well-established rapper otherwise known for bravado and bling. Near the end of our long afternoon together, I was able to squeeze in this quiet portrait of him at his home in Harlem. Shot for @nytimes
It may have been 110 degrees here but I still swoon over those two minutes before the light descends beneath the horizon and the sun burns a firey spotlight into anything in its path
100-year old butcher shop, Staubitz Market, has been a staple of the Cobble Hill community for a whole century. Shot for @nytimes Neighborhood Joint
Last week I had the chance to shoot some portraits of Chef Nobu @therealnobu and his longtime collaborator, architect David Rockwell, for @newsweek. Photographed at the new Nobu Downtown that used to be the headquarters for AT&T. Thanks to @thisisjentse for the assignment and the beautiful treatment in both the magazine and online. Link in bio for full story by Tom Morris
Yosemite Falls is so powerful it produces its own micro-climate. Feeling the need to go back to some National Parks soon.
Roque and Janis atop a foothill in San Jerónimo Tlacochahuaya, Oaxaca. From my essay "No Estuve Aquí" on @washingtonpost @washpostphoto. Link to full piece in my bio
"I’m a half-Mexican, half-white, brown-skinned man named Ryan Christopher Jones, and my name provided me with the privilege of not being automatically seen as a Mexican in a place where the word “Mexican” was spoken with a snarl. For that, I reveled in my ambiguity." My thoughts on Mexican identity and heritage in the Washington Post today. Link to the essay is in my bio. Thanks to @chloecolemanmedia for the In Sight love.
While working on a personal project, I got ripped into the mosh pit during the Cryptopsy show at Saint Vitus last weekend. It was the exact same disorienting feeling as being pulled underwater by a wave that will always be bigger and more powerful than you.