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milliej 286w ago
Not too shabby a view, for quiet time on a work day! Thanks, God! #myheartissmiling

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HBD, lovey!! Hope day has been delightful! Maybe I’ll get to see you sometime ever again? I miss your self!! ❤️🤗
One day we’ll have a pic w/o ski gear on!!! HBD to my ride or die!!! Hope your day is the most wonderful and ❤️ you too much @rhondajbentley
"I don't always drink orangey cocktails in a wine glass....but when I do, I make sure it's a shpritz." - the Most Interesting Man in the World, @taidochino HBD, my practically-Deutsch friend!
Bday celebrations across the pond deserve bday celebrations in the 501! Love all those Woods kids!
Yep, Casey. That's your name. It's your day. Hope it's been full of all things good! Like Tito's!!! Lots and lots of Tito's'm #Hbd #we❤️Casey
I might break Instagram if I could use every glorious, wonderful word to describe this insanely special force of nature - so I'll just leave it at #HBD & ❤️ x one gomillion!! Love you too much @sandybboultinghouse!
I've been hanging on to these since last year @itsme_kg when I was deprived of hanging posters all over the Big House in your honor. I found a workaround this year #hbd #whatkindofbirdisthat ❤️
Love you, Mama & so wish you weren't spending your birthday with Harvey. (So, folks, if you get a minute, send this special woman HBD wishes, but more importantly, many prayers to keep her - and several other family members- safe during this dumb hurricane) ❤️🙏🏻
MayMay, I think I'll love this pic til I die but I KNOW I'll love you way longer than that! Hope your bday has been 100% amazing! ❤️🤗❤️🤗❤️🤗
milliej 10w ago
Hey @nikki.hill best idea: let's go back to the Space Needle & this time tell the bartender the truth. BOOM. #hbd #AnotE ❤️ you!!
milliej 10w ago
This one stood out among all the others - much like my Terri Loo. Love you, sweet friend & miss you so #HBD
milliej 12w ago
#HBD husband!! Sorry you haven't had your own bday for quite a while now, but I think @baileyvia is pretty good about sharing "her" day with you, right?!? ❤️
milliej 12w ago
Original 1994 @baileyvia edition! Hope your day is filled with fireworks, fairydust, doughnuts, puppies, babies, ice cream, a good beer, pizza, old school rap....basically all things good! ❤️ you more than life, Little B!!
milliej 12w ago
"It's just a hotel selfie". Loved spending time with you in your #ORD element this week, @chippervia Goodbyes just never get easier #3weeksright #mommyloves
milliej 12w ago
I got that work/family balance thing down. (Ok let's get real I had a work trip to Chicago & got to hang w/co-workers I ❤️AND little @chippervia, so the work/life thing is just divine providence in this case?)