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  Posted: Apr 18, 2012 8:24 AM FEED
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My amazing, lovely work family. Truly thankful and greatful ✨👏🏼💜🙏🏻#revivalbarberandbeauty
So we can call this ... deconstructed fire cider vinegar. I made a big batch tonight and wish it were already done and ready to enjoy. It takes about 4 weeks to steep, so with that see ya soon fire cider 🍂🍁🔥 Happy fall equinox ya'll ✨
Posted: Sep 21, 2017 5:00 AM
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Ladies and gents, my father is soooooo close to the finish line. Send some love if you are feeling generous 💜 link in my profile ✨
Hands down one of the best places in the Bay. I have been coming here since I was a little gal and it still feels like magic. My mom and I were kids in a candy shop. 🍃🐍🐢🐛🦎🐊🌿
Yesterday, I had my first self defense class as well as my first taste of some MMA in the first person. It was a long time coming, to say the least. @lesliesmithmma taught the class at @elninotrainingcenter . It was awesome and now I really want to know how to choke someone out... in real life. 😝Who wants to practice? Photo taken by @mbdoodle
Sunday Funday. We made garlic dill pickles, peach pecan bourbon and went and picked up some new little crystal friends at the fair. It was a good day and my sweet momma made it even better by hanging out all day with meeeee @martijoslyn 😉
About last night ... 🤸‍♂️( yoga emoji) 🍕🥃👯🤣 that was the evening, so much fun 💜
Thank you cuz for the (real mail) love @deniyell you made my day 😘💗✨love yooooou!!!!
This is one of my dear friends Julie, she is such a bright light and she is hilarious! Got the chance to put some lashes this babe and it makes me so happy 😉 @jewlsv25
Just hanging out with this groovy bag by @tiltleather thinking about how hopefully some piece of me was able to take part in the Summer of Love 😘🍄🦋✌🏼
Posted: Jul 11, 2017 6:05 AM
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I mean this little beauty is Stunning!!!! I am dying. @tiltleather is so talented she had me in awe! Annnnnd she can teach you the ways of leather working!!! I am in LOVE 💜with her magic 🔮✨
The Latu's beautiful wedding ✅ Awkward pic of me giving a speech✅
Ana & Davis's living happily ever after ✅
Posted: Jun 19, 2017 2:40 AM
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This pic if my dad always makes me smile. I feel truly lucky to have this man as my dad. He is kind, brilliant, diligent and has the best sense of humor💜 Love you TJ
Posted: Jun 16, 2017 6:37 PM
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Thank you @cassandra_mccall for this bag and being a kick ass human . Thank you @plannedparenthood for always assisting SO MANY humans with medical care and education 💜💜💜
Hello California Poppies, you are little rays of sunshine. I love you so 💛☀️✨