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User Image huffpostpol Posted: Feb 21, 2018 9:31 PM (UTC)

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As tearful survivors of the Parkland school shooting watched, the Republican-led Florida House of Representatives refused to discuss a ban on assault weapons.⠀

Later in the day, many of the same lawmakers discussed at length a bill that declares porn a public health risk. The bill ― which calls for improved “education, research and policy changes to protect Floridians, especially teenagers, from pornography” — was approved by a voice vote, reported the Tampa Bay Times.⠀

“Has anyone had to bury their child because of pornography?” asked Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith (D), who sponsored the legislation seeking to ban assault weapons and large-capacity ammunition magazines. ⠀

Rep. Kionne McGhee (D), tried to bring the gun control bill to the floor, but failed in a 36-71 party-line vote.⠀

Words by: Dominique Mosbergen
  • @huffpostpol is a shit rag

  • Disgraceful

  • Houston we have a problem. A very big problem. Vote this garbage out.

  • Insanity

  • ghgn90 3w ago


  • These politicians are ridiculous!!!

  • Despicable people.

  • Hmmmm, a gun shot to the face or a cum shot to the face – which would you rather have???

  • UFB 😞

  • Guns aren't the problem. And neither is porn.

  • @patgowder guns aren't the problem, it's the people who misuse them.

  • Distraction...that’s the REPUBLICAN plan because they don’t know how to gov with russians breathing down their back

  • I sawl that this morning. Total disrespect, even if they weren't gna pass them anyway the bill deserved to be heard.

  • @jacobrichards5794 I do actually own assault weapons, what exactly are my issues bud? I don't appreciate people talking shit about people who own them it is their opinion that matters not yours.

  • @justamazin20 neither has a gun, it's the people who use the gun.

  • @wild_dreamer1227 I completely disagree with your statement..

  • 😢😢

  • Stunned that the Republicans of FL would do this. How completely blind to the true needs of their constituents.

  • Diverting attention - the strategy ..!

  • grion9 3w ago

    @wild_dreamer1227 What possible need do you have for assault weapons???

  • grion9 3w ago

    @wild_dreamer1227 People couldn't shoot people if they didnt have a gun! Duh!!

  • 😳🤬🔥 conservatives obsessed with sex and not safety of their constituents. I hate them.

  • @grion9 it's not a matter of need, it's a matter of want, I can legally own assult weapons, why should I not have them? It's my right to bear arms, 2nd amendment dude.

  • SMH ☹️

  • @grion9 in China a man killed 27 people and put 107 in critical condition with a knife, so should we can those too? Why are you trying so hard to ban something that's practically harmless.

  • Unfortunately, I’m not shocked by the actions of Florida Republicans. I’m left sick to my stomach. They should all be impeached. The vast majority, if not all, are tied to the NRA. They only care about bringing big business to the state and tourism. It is disgusting. Through anguish, The voices of the students, teachers and families and friends of victims are breathing life into much needed gun reform and the needs of those with mental health issues. The heartache felt for victims and family members of gun violence over the past 20 yrs is unbearable.

  • Worthless spineless cowards.

  • Ridiculous

  • grion9 3w ago

    @wild_dreamer1227 So just because you can and you want to. Bit of a spoiled brat??

  • @grion9 yeah, a spoiled that can use and assult weapon, because I wanted to.

  • @grion9 this is a waste of my time.

  • Those Republicans are sick😠😠.

  • Gee! The Pres must be in quite a quandary! They got him either way...

  • Such a sad civics lesson!!!

  • @wild_dreamer1227 If guns are so harmless, why do we give them to soldiers when we send them to war ??

  • Stunning

  • @gafireman Fully Automatic Weapons are banned idiot, Semi Automatic Assault Rifles are not.. Education is cool, try it sometime

  • @wild_dreamer1227 2nd Ammendment, so what Well Regulated Militia do you belong to ?

  • @wild_dreamer1227 And Sensible Gun Regulations Are Directed At The People That Shouldn't Be Using Them, Or Are You Too Naive To Know That ?

  • @stupidshouldbepainful Wow, your life must be painful

  • Scum

  • It's time for Florida to change hands. Vote them out!!!!

  • People it Florida! Same state a white guy was found not guilty for shooting a un armed teenager. On a bullshit law stand your ground. Don’t be shocked at those idiots in that state

  • As stated: midterm elections are coming. Use our votes to enact change. 🗳

  • Whatever is important, talk about something else… Isn’t that the way it goes

  • Incredible

  • No wonder the kleptocrat spends most of his time there at the taxpayers' expense.

  • Getting to the point where I believe politicians are the most despicable people imaginable.


  • Why?? Someone please explain this to me??!!

  • jkmjv 3w ago

    Lord Jesus come quickly

  • A gun law won’t prevent guns, just like drug laws don’t get rid of drugs. They need to protect the children in government schools the same way they protect government office buildings, courthouses & airports. Does anyone think that our elected politicians would forego security for a gun law?? Seriously?? You don’t see Congress or Governors thinking a gun law will protect them & keep them safe smh

  • What the actual fuck?!

  • 😡😡😡🤮🤮🤮

  • Are we banning porn?

  • Despicable

  • Enough. All sane human beings must scream ENOUGH!!!! BAN ASSAULT WEAPONS NOW!!!!

  • AR-15 ban? Have any of you ever shot an AR-15? You can go try one out so you can see how it works. I think many uninformed people would be surprised when they squeezed the trigger and realized it isn't a machine gun. The AR-15 is not an assault rifle (AR stands for Armalite Rifle). It's not a military weapon or a machine gun. It's just a regular rifle with a custom body style...

  • Speechless 😶

  • Fuckers

  • Stupid the thing about porn but an AR-15 ban is stupid and not gonna do much

  • FL legislators are despicable.


  • Fucking Florida. The further north you go, the further south it becomes.

  • Our government is fcked up

  • @thomasbreij_ American politics

  • Shut the fuck up bitch

  • Fun can think the porn discussion is just as retarded as the gun ban discussion; I say this not liking guns. You’re better off discussing the influence of psychotropic drugs on the mentally disturbed, the common similarity amongst mass shooters.

  • edt622 3w ago


  • How many people died today from porn vs guns?

  • Morons!

  • @gerbz96 um, its the ar effing 15 thats the similarity and they were all bought legally so outlaw the assault style gun, this will solve the majority of these.

  • They need to remember this m come election time. #VoteNovember2018

  • @enigma7658 except with minor mods it's almost indistinguishable from an m4 which is a military weapon

  • Things like violent porn, which dominates the industry, and it’s contributing illusion of the need to control women and that the better man can, also adds and shapes these young people’s perceptions of life. We 100% desperately need policies, bans, requirements etc to protect people from so easily attainable and unnecessary weapons. While we fight for safety in this area let not write off the involvement porn has on hurting our children on an intricate level as well. Both are important.

  • Vote every last one of them Republicans out of office every last one you remember them on Election Day make damn sure you tell your parents your aunts your uncle's your cousin and every last one of you are who are 18 years of age go and register to vote and get a state ID vote vote vote their ass out of office

  • Grrrrr!!

  • If makers of porn were funding the government, like the NRA, they’d make it a subject in school if they “had to”. It’s alllll disgusting, selfish, and un-empathetic GREED!!! They’ll rot in hell, don’t worry.

  • They be judging and scheming.

  • @natickmark12 I’m sorry, but outlawing a gun that shoots at the same rate as other handguns will not deter lunatics that want to do people harm, and I say this as a non gun owning liberal. This is a retarded argument.

  • Unfortunately , that sounds about right. Remember this when Rick Scott runs for the Senate.

  • @lmk1992 what the FUCK

  • @ollieggie Yes please. Mr. Deer in the Headlights has no clue.

  • @wild_dreamer1227 What is ‘the’ problem?

  • Throw the bums OUT

  • @dzrtdwlr damnnn

  • 😤😤😤😤😤😤

  • Only in America you say! Move to Canada where its much safer and free health care for all!

  • Fuck the dirt bags who voted for the white pig and take your guns and fire them where the sun don't shine ! Until it's your loved ones don't even think about responding dirt bags ....

  • Well the debate porn because they feel guilty about watching it!!!! But guns and the money they get from the NRA THAT IS NOT A PROBLEM!!!! Hypocritical bastards!

  • kbh_29 3w ago

    @marcorubiofla @realdonaldtrump @foxandfriends #parkland The NRA are self serving murdering scum bags

  • 🔥💩

  • A very difficult lesson for these youth, if it motivates them to enter politics & be a better public servant, something better could come from this dark hour in our history!!

  • Of course they discussed porn they are the number one users

  • Cowboys.....will be cowboys.....

  • 🤛🏻🤛🏻🤛🏻🤛🏻

  • @rkd17 sounds about right...why cut the hand that feeds you. 🤬

  • Your plan is not working anymore. People are starting to see. #crisisactor

  • Sick

  • I feel anger, a lot of anger towards these gun nuts.

  • That legislature probably feels that it's better to prevent masturbation then mass murder!

  • Congress hates the USA. Get em!

  • So unfortunate! 😡😖😩👎

  • Vote them out!

  • My AR never assaulted's a defense weapon

  • They will be 18 soon....

  • Disgraceful Republicans. VOTE them OUT!

  • Time to vote out the current representatives and senators in Florida. Change, change is the only thing that’s going to cure this problem change in the government change in the elected officials!!

  • Where are our priorities? Seriously!

  • Vote the bastards out

  • If you want PEACEFUL political discourse, you need to follow our account right now!

  • incredible !!

  • NRA got them on check

  • Cowrds?

  • Smh

  • 😭 so sad

  • Sad..beyond sad....

  • Florida is notorious for porn, so I can see why they might want to talk about it. But, in the wake of the recent shootings? Who knows, maybe these politicians know something we don't! Wouldn't be surprised to learn that cutting down on the porn industry would mean cutting down on the drugs, parties, alcohol, sex, and weapons. Might even free up some properties used to shoot porn.

  • wjmg1 3w ago

    I can’t even express the depth of evil these assholes have

  • Fla house disgusts me.

  • Cowards

  • Talk about deflecting the real issue!! Un-be-lievable

  • It’s the American people’s right to bear arms but Americans do not have a right use their weapons maliciously to harm and take the lives of others. It’s up to our government to protect the safety of the American people just as they protect the right to bear arms.

  • Just as BASS ACWARDS aka you know. This is why when those kids are eligible to vote they should seek elective office and put these legislators in Florida out of the State Assembly. They are the problem not the students.

  • Money. Money. Money.

  • Most important thing first what your kids see or read is more important than there lifes

  • slb413 3w ago

    Not surprised at all smdh

  • This is messed up! Not surprised at all!!!

  • That's because no assault weapons were used

  • Heads or tails ?

  • 😢

  • Insanely bought and paid for by NRA

  • They are a sad laughing stock...that will be replaced, not doing their jobs to protect citizens.

  • Hey Floridians, keep on voting Republicans if you wish not to be represented.

  • Lol, WTF, protect children from porn, expose them to murder, BRILLIANT.

  • If we're talking about things that kill people and let's go ahead and talk about how knives kill people let's talk about how cars kill people it's talk about how fist people let's talk about how storms kill people will make some kind of law about that saying if a storm kill somebody will sue them

  • Sick group of puppies in Fla

  • A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

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