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TBT to a couple kids who were "born to run".. Lucky to have a homie in this life who speaks fluent Jersey. Love ya bud @jaythejeweler
What time are you, where are our hands on the clock?
Whether you're ahead or behind the weather.. always keep an eye on your brother!
Today is tragic on a multitude of levels. We live in a current period where the artists that grounded our creative freedom; are eroding from our so called land of opportunity. Without these clear voices of rebellion the bell of defiance loses its tone, while we condone violence & shame same sex marriages in the states.. Yet employ the means to kill & ignore the ability to save lives. There can no longer be a profit to pain, but a collective profit who maintains peace with prosperous action (a sequel or equal to Obama?). May we all stand together & let these tears bond our fluidity. It's currently impossible to take political pride as an American-especially when abroad.. but wherever we roam away from home, there will forever be honor in the music that comes from the U.S. of mother-fuckin-A! RIP, Mr. Petty! Thank you for your audible beauty..
Survival takes a revival of childlike creativity.. @eivin_kilcher 🤙🏾
When my sister & I were kids we had the privilege to live in NJ, but grow up in NYC. My dad lived in battery park & if you know NY, you Know BP is directly across the street from where the Twin Towers stood. @kelly_indrieri & I would call the towers the, "breadcrumbs". She & I were Hanzel & Grettle in the big city & no matter where we were those two towers always guided us home. Much like Hanzel & Grettle, we never thought those beacons of guidance could be removed. But what's lost in life is found in memories. My heart goes out to everyone who only has the memories of their loved ones today..
TBT to Texas waves & the fabricated men who ❤️ them..
There are moments like these when words don't suffice & only tears of joy & appreciation will take their place.. to those who know.. know I love you 🌈❤️..
And this wasn't even the moment @datadrian thought his wheeler was on fire.. but we were still laughing.
Today this kind soldier of warm sweet authentic empathy, fights the good fight. Let's all send our love to @paddywilkins & family!
My Uber talented brother from another, @paddywilkins made a tight little short flick..Link in bio, peep it! Like it on Vimeo & help get this beast into some festivals.