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Happy birthday to one of the best frands a guy could ask for @sally_shaar !!! Keep up all the hard work and keep crushing it daily! Someone tell steve to give you a big ol hug. Love ya, ya goof.
I used to be cute. Thanks aunt Katie for the throwback of me ❤️❤️❤️
Went to Atlanta on kind of a last minute vacation. Such a breath of fresh air to hang out and talk to all of the amazing people Georgia has to offer. Until next time, Atlanta.
From the first time I saw you I was in love. Happy 1st, baby girl. Nick and Lauriel, I'm going to need you guys to give her a lot of hugs and kisses for me! Love you guys!
With everything that's happening in FL it's hard to take time for other things happening outside of our state, but... For those of you who don't know everything you see in these pictures is currently engulfed in fire. The fire is not contained and has destroyed acres upon acres of what actually makes our country beautiful. I want to remember her like this.
I'm blurry, but that's ok. Love when I get to hang with @travisbrown918 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
Learned that basically the Earth is going to be destroyed by asteroids and that Sigourney Weaver can't do much about it. Thank you @notnicenoby for making me have even more nightmares.
Sappy post alert: I want to extend the most heartfelt and sincere congratulations to this beautiful woman. I've personally seen you singlehandedly knock down anything that would take down the strongest of people. Things that would shut me down and you just keep pushing. I've seen you as you stressed over tests that you got the highest grade in the class on. I've seen you try to tell yourself you wouldn't make it. I've seen you overcome every last one of those things with the perseverance that a goddess like yourself should have. When it was time for the brothers and sisters to stand I was so overwhelmed with joy and pride that I almost fell forward I jumped so quickly. Caitlyn, I am so eager to see all of the beautiful things you are going to do in the future and I am so, so happy to have witnessed this special day. Love, your cousin, brother, Spanish tutor, bodyguard, friend, and biggest fan. EVERYONE LEAVE @c_gunther08 some love in the comments. It'd mean the world to me.
Happy birthday to my brother @everydaycamy Beyond proud of you and what you've accomplished this year. Can't wait to visit you with the boys this weekend. ❤️ u playa
Love these babes and how they've adopted me into their family. #aquabiscuit
I'll stand with you. I'll fight with you.
I want to thank everyone in this picture for such a perfect day. I love you guys so, so much. Hope everyone else had a perfect Sunday. Let's fuck this week up.
Happy birthday, America! I'm working all day, but I hope all of my friends have an amazing day and they don't blow their arms off.
Throwback to Paris when I had all these babes in the same place. Miss you guys!
Everyone should go to this show! Friday, July 7th doors open at 8:00pm. I'll be snapping pictures. Also, contact my friend @sergie_badass for any graphic design work. Quick, professional, and you'll always be pleased with his work. Thanks again for the help, bud.