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#Repost @chakabars (@get_repost) All Seeds are beautiful Yesyes💜💜💜💜
"My baby's name is Shafi, he is just 2months old ❤️ I named him after a beautiful young boy that I really loved, who used to come and visit all the time while I was pregnant. He wasn't my family or anything, I didn't even know his mother for the first few months.
He used to help me cook, clean, fetch firewood and get food for me.
He did it because he said that he wanted my baby to be happy. He said that if I was happy then my baby would be happy.
He is a really sweet child :) #chakabars #africanhumans
#Repost @chakabars (@get_repost) saw this before eye went into a lucid realm and it kept with meh the whole day💜💜💜
Life :) #africanhumans
#Repost @accessoriesforroyalty (@get_repost)
YESSS new belly jewelry slash early Solar Raturn present from my Sis @bakerblackgiraffe @ad4qweenz Got me laced with Tigers Eye and Dalmation Jasper #protection from fuck boys and #focus for my goals, I'm with it!

Got me feeling like 😁😎✨🎉💓🎂 #SolarReturn #comingsoon #Sisterhood 😊😘 xoxo Sis!
As you can see we luuuuuuvd the sweet potato cupcakes soooo addictive yung thank yah Qween @lifeasweknoit 💋💜✨✌🏿
Luvin Meh Cooper Jewelry
Needed these apart of meh life right now Highly... This Connection is True with @accessoriesforroyalty She is gorgeous within her spirit, craft, and light 💋☀️✌🏿👁Thank Yah Again Qween #locjewlery #nosering #septum #bangles #harmony #light #joy #peace #connections #tribe #qweenz
#Repost @theerubyteapotxpo (@get_repost)
Need a custom waist bead? Yearning for the best massage? Give @adorned4qweenz a try. We promise no disappointments here. #lightworker #realtalk #teatime #therubyteapotexperience