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User Image jessica.garza_hair Posted: Feb 19, 2018 4:28 AM (UTC)
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User Image jessica.garza_hair Posted: Mar 20, 2018 1:37 PM (UTC)
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🌟D R E A M B I G 🌟
This is my model for the Rocky Boston NYFW show! I had the pleasure of leading this show with the amazing @tedgibsonartisticteam . •

I'm so blessed to be surrounded by amazing people that believe in my talent. •
Styling product: #tecniart @lorealpro
Is this a look you would wear?

@hairbrained_official @hairdotcom @lorealproeducationus @modernmaggie1 @morris8535 @brittseva @modernsalon @gordnm @tedgibson @jasonbacke
T A K E A R I S K🔥🔥
Colorful hair for the win! I'm loving the new #redlipstick and #yellowsun. I also combined the red with #Sunsetcoral with #hypnoticmagenta. My client came in with 4 inches of regrowth. I pre lightened everything with mulitechniques lighter. SMARTBOND ofcourse to protect the integrity of the hair. 😍😍😍 What do you guys think?

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E D U C A T I O N IS K E Y 🗝

As hairdressers we experience many color challenges. How many of us freak out when we have to do scalp lightning applications? On the other side of that, how many people as clients have had bad color services?

We often struggle with not lightning enough and dealing with yellow in the hair to even breaking it off. This is some scary stuff.

This was one of the models for our ISSE show this year. I had the pleasure of doing her color. She came in with 4 inches of regrowth and was lifted only one time. I even finished her just in time for @tedgibson to cut her on stage!
What do you guys think?

MODEL: @jenny__eve 😍😍
🌟D A R E TO I N S P I R E 🌟
As an educator for LOREAL Professionnel and the Ted Gibson Artistic Team, there is nothing more rewarding than sharing my passion with other people. I hope to inspire people to follow their dreams even if they are not in my industry.

I'm not truly a competitive person because I believe that helping each other actually creates the true success. Be the candle that lights other candles. •

Share some ways you try to inspire people or free good deeds that help others in the comments below. 👇👇 Would love to hear new ideas! @lorealproeducationus @lorealproeducationus @tedgibsonartisticteam @modernsalon @brittseva @thecoloristmag @beautylaunchpad @behindthechair_com @hairbrained_official
B E A U T I F U L❤❤❤
How lucky am I?! In my 10 year long career, I've had the pleasure of meeting so many great people. The best part of my career is to help people feel as beautiful as they truly are. Katie shared a selfie with me and she looks so stunning I just had to share! This amazing woman is by far one of my favorite. She's truly beautiful inside and out. She's so strong, loving, and hard working.

I typically keep Katie pretty blonde but this time we kicked it up a notch. This is by far our favorite. Do you guys have clients who look better more blonde? Do you yourself prefer to be a little bit brighter? Balayage is beautiful and I enjoy doing it but sometimes we just need more! •

@katieldillon Thank you for your continued support. I'm lucky to be your hairdresser and to have you as a friend. You're stunning, I love You!
@lorealpro @tedgibsonartisticteam @lorealproeducationus

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I truly cannot express how grateful I am to be able to work alongside such an amazing and talented hairdressers this New York Fashion Week. There was so much love, hard work, passion, inspiration, tears of joy, and appreciation for one another. That is what the #TedGibsonArtisticTeam is all about.
🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 @javierjaimesartistry you did such an amazing job as lead for the show! Thank you for giving us #creative freedom and keeping everyone calm when it got kind of crazy. wway to hold down the fort. So proud!!
Another #major win was when @shadaereneegot to do @angelbrinks for her NYFW Show! That is so cool and I'm so happy for your successes!! 😘😘😘😘😘😗😗
Hair by:@tedgibson @jasonbacke @reelstyle_beauty @pattyprestonhair @jimmyhilton @mideyahparkerhair @tedgibsonartisticteam @shawnmarjanian @glamlorenzab @adelineartistry @texturehair_studio @salonmagnashear
Myself and the rest of the crew!
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I can't express what it feels like to work along side such talent and beautiful people. Thank you for inspiring me and helping me grow.
I love every single person I got the chance to work with. This season I was given the opportunity to lead 2 shows. I can't thank you enough Ted and Jason. I am FOREVER grateful for the opportunity and trust to lead a team to create the collections.
Thank you for expecting so much more of me than I realized I was capable of. We rocked 1 Ted Gibson Academy class and 9 shows in 4 days! @tedgibson @jasonbacke @tedgibsonat @pattypreston_hair @reelstyle_beauty @jimmyhilton @chellove8 @shadaerenee @mideyahparkerhair @salonmagnashear @javierjaimesartistry #TedGibsonArtisticTeam #LorealProUS #TedGibsonNYFW #major #gibsongirl #fashion#TedGibsonAT #TedGibsonAdvancedAcademy #TedGibsonStarAcademy #TedGibsonAllStars  #TedGibsonWorld #NYFW  #fw18 #fgnyfw #Houstonhairstylist #houstonhair #rockyboston #desinerscollective #jessicagarzahair  #learnwithlp #riveroakshairatylist #westuniversityhairstylist #bestinhouston #hair #hairgoals #hairtrends #hairinspo #beautyblogger #houstoninfluencer @tedgibsonat @modernsalon @beautylaunchpad @behindthechair_com @behindthechair_stylist @brittseva @thehairnerds @enews @nyfw @thecoloristmag @houstonchron @houston_magazine @houstonweddings @weddingsinhouston @rodistrict @abc13houston @khou11
User Image jessica.garza_hair Posted: Jan 13, 2018 7:46 AM (UTC)

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B R A I D S 😍😍
Check out this up do I did on this beautiful babe! Would you ever wear something like this? What are some of your experiences with updos?
It was such a pleasure doing your hair for your sisters wedding. You looked stunning! @kendallsheehy
Check out the before and after I created on my beautiful cousin Jade! 😍😍 She is usually a light blonde (although it looked more brown this time, hehe) and we lifted her with some #Balayage. Tag a friend you thing would look great with this look and tell me what you think! @jaybird2707
🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️ #BalayageCertified
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Link in bio👆👆👆👆👆 @lorealpro @tedgibsonat @brittseva @thecoloristmag
The best way to start my 2018!! Over the weekend I had the pleasure of taking a social media and business class from the AMAZING Daniel Mason Jones! @danielmasonjones 😍😍 People ask me what inspires me and what drives me to do all the things I do in my career. About 4 years ago, I took Daniels class "Make Money not Excuses" and it lit a spark in me. I was so impressed and inspired but him, his story, his work ethic, and his passion that I knew I wanted more for myself.
❤❤❤❤❤❤ Thank you for being that person for me. Four years later I am L'Oreal professional educator, have an amazing clientele behind the chair, and get to travel with one of the best teams out there, the Ted Gibson Artistic Team.
To all my fellow hairdressers, there is no better way to be inspired than going to take a class from this amazing man.
#makemoneynotexcuses @lorealpro
#Repost @bekachristina
Shout out to @jessica.garza_hair for revamping this momma's hair! The last time my hair was dyed was before Hunter was born, so I needed this desperately & Jessica did not disappoint as usual! If you're in the Houston area definitely go check her out!! 😍👸🏼💇🏼 • • •

This was so much fun to create! 2nd pic is a before. Tag someone below who would like this and tell me what you think of her new look!
@lorealpro @tedgibsonat #JessicaGarzahair

To book an appointment go to my website at
This year has been filled with so many changes. 😍😍😍 I feel so blessed to have all my clients and the support of my loved ones. I've done many things I was afraid to do, but not for one second do I regret any of the decisions I have made.
I could not be happier with my career. So much more to come soon!
#TedGibsonArtisticTeam #lorealprous #JessicaGarzahair #educator #top30under30
 @tedgibsonat @lorealpro @modernsalon @beautylaunchpad @american_salon @behindthechair_com @behindthechair_stylist @brittseva @thehairnerds @enews @nyfw @thecoloristmag @houstonchron @houston_magazine @houstonweddings @weddingsinhouston @rodistrict @abc13houston @khou11